Weekly Training Update: Back to the grind

Let’s all have a moment of silence for my summer officially being over…. Yes, that’s right, tomorrow it’s officially back to the grind for me! I start back with teaching classes! The last 3 weeks, I’ve been working, but just going to trainings, meetings, and getting my classes ready. But now……it’s real, people! I’m excited, nervous, and just a little sad. Summer’s been fun. :) I love the flexibility it provides. But at the same time, I’m glad to get back into a regular routine again. And I think my kids are too. Baby girl seems to really be enjoying daycare, and my son LOVES his new school! Oh, and he decided to do cross country too! Like mother, like son? :) We’ll see. He’s excited though! Soooo, on my last week of official summer, here’s what I did.

Sunday: Since I had raced on Saturday and didn’t get a real run in, I decided to go for a short run Sunday morning. 6.5 miles that finished off with a trip to dunkin donuts! It was my son’s birthday, so I surprised him with coffee and donuts. :)

Yep, I ran to dunkin donuts and back. :) True "donut run"

Yep, I ran to dunkin donuts and back. :) True “donut run”

In the afternoon, we went on a family tubing adventure again! Same place as last week. We had a blast, yet again!

Monday: 1hr bike ride on my trainer, though it wasn’t much to speak of. I was tired and didn’t go very hard. At work, during my lunch break, I got in a 2,600yd swim! AND, it just so happened to be a workout! I felt pretty proud of myself. :)

I think my goggles were too tight....raccoon eyes!

I think my goggles were too tight….raccoon eyes!

Tuesday: Hubs was out of town for work, but thankfully, I had my treadmill to fall back on for my run! I got in 3x5min hard tempos for a total of 5 miles. I’m starting to REALLY appreciate that treadmill!!

Wednesday: I went for my first group bike ride since living in Utah! A couple weeks ago, I met a triathlete who’s an adjunct professor at my college, and she invited me out for a ride with her and her friend! We did a beautiful 23 mile ride close to where we live. It was so much fun to ride OUTSIDE with people again!

Ruby out for a real ride. :)

Ruby out for a real ride. :)

Thursday: Some how, some way, baby slept to an appropriate hour, so I got in a 7.5 mile run workout! I decided to do 4xmile repeats. They weren’t super fast, but they were a good effort. Trying to get my speed back!

Friday: FAIL…baby woke waaaaay too early. I rode all of 20 min on my trainer. I planned on re-doing my bike workout at work because I didn’t have too much to accomplish, but when I got to work, I remembered that the fitness center was closed that day for staff training…..sigh…oh well. In the evening, we went to our first minor league baseball game out here! We had a great time and both kids had fun. :)

Saturday: It was a late night Friday for the baby due to the baseball game, so she slept in Saturday morning!! Which worked out great, because that meant I got in an uninterrupted 10 mile run! We spent the rest of the day cleaning the house, and then had a cookout with my coworkers that night!

Overall, it was a great last week of the “summer”, and I’m feeling ready to go tomorrow! Wish me luck!

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