Weekly Training Update: Big Day Week

It’s Sunday, that means it’s time for my weekly training update! This week was spent preparing for my Big Day of training yesterday! The training day went SUPER well, but I’ll get to that later. First, here’s what I did leading up to that day!

Sunday: I got up before going to church, and did a T25 Dynamic Core workout, then after church, I hopped on my trainer for another simulated Mont Tremblant bike ride! This time, I was able to better my previous best time by 3 minutes! After the ride, I did a quick 15 minute run.

Monday: I had to work all day, but I got up early to get a good 45 minute lift in!

Tuesday: This week was a little different schedule-wise because I was planning for my Big Day on Saturday. Because of that, I did both my bike ride, and run on Tuesday. I rode for an easy hour, then did a 5 mile run.

Wednesday: All I had to do this day, was swim. However, it was still a rough workout… I did 2,600 meters, but it took me 59 minutes (I took a lot of breaks!!)

Thursday: I had my fun day of running around and using my bike (and feet) for errands! I did a 2 hour, 10 minute ride, then a 5 mile run.

Not your typical "transition" area!

Not your typical “transition” area!

Friday: I was supposed to swim again on Friday, but after my bike ride and run on Thursday, my hamstring tendon on my right leg was SUPER painful! I could barely make it through the rest of the day Thursday. John and I figured out that my bike seat had been too high, and that cause my hips to rotate, thus pulling on my hamstring. THANKFULLY, I was able to get in to see my chiropractor as soon as they opened, and they fixed me right up! I was nervous about doing any damage before my big day Saturday, so I opted not to swim. Instead, I did 30 minutes of pulling on my halo swim bench.

Saturday: Big Day! I woke up at 4am, and my hamstring tendon felt pretty good, so we decided to go ahead and drive up to the training site. When we got there, it was only 56 degrees outside, so I debated whether or not to swim. I finally decided to get in, but wore my full sleeve wet suit! I swam for 30 minutes very easy (my arms were tired from 30 minutes of pulling the day before). After the swim, we quickly got all of my bike fuel and maintenance taken care of, and then set out for the group bike ride. I felt AWESOME on the bike! After 20 miles of taking it easy so as not to aggravate my hamstring, I decided to lay the hammer down. :) I pushed hard at race pace for the rest of the course, and actually ended up adding on 3 miles extra because I missed a turn toward the end. :)

Also got to try out my new helmet! LOVED IT!

Also got to try out my new helmet! LOVED IT!

I took a half hour break after finishing the bike, and then set out for the run! I was nervous because I was supposed to do an hour at race pace. I’ve never successfully done this–not even in my races. :) However, I was feeling pretty good, so I decided to go for it. I felt really good for the first 40 minutes! Then it started to get really hot out, and I started getting tired. I stuck it out though, and finished the hour with an average pace of 6:56!! Best training run EVER! I was pretty pooped after I was done, but very pleased!

Yea, it was hot....

Yea, it was hot….

Also, I got to meet one of my faithful blog readers at the group ride while we were there! It was awesome meeting her! Unfortunately we didn’t get a picture together because we were both too exhausted. :(

Totals for the week:

T25/Lifting/Halo Bench: 1 hour, 40 minutes

Running: 20.66 miles (2 hours, 8 minutes, 30 seconds)

Biking: 9 hours, 31 minutes

Swimming: 3,775 meters (1 hour, 29 minutes)

Total Training Time: 14 hours, 48 minutes, 30 seconds

I’m excited about how this week went! I wish I’d been able to swim more, but better to prevent an injury than to risk it and make it a full blown injury! I’m still feeling pretty good this morning, so I’m crossing my fingers that it was strictly due to my hips being rotated, and we’re all good now! I’ll probably still see my chiropractor again tomorrow just to make sure!

How was your week of training?

Are you planning for any fall races?

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