Weekly Training Update: Bliss

This week was awesome, guys! I am off work now, which I was last week as well, but last week was spent traveling all week. This week though, this week I was home all by myself during the day(mostly-hubs was away Tuesday-Thursday and of course I had the baby). I felt like this week was my most blissful, relaxing week since being a mom. Sadly, it was probably my ONLY blissful week for the near future because this upcoming week we’ll be packing up our house preparing for our big move, then for the next TWO weeks we’ll be traveling/living in temporary housing while waiting for our move-in date for our new house. Yep, an exciting month up ahead! Due to this hectic up-coming month, I’ve decided not to go full-on training mode until after we’re settled in our house. Soooo July. However, I HAVE found at least one race that I’m going to plan on doing! It’s a 50k in November that is pretty close to where we’ll be living! I wanted to do a 70.3 as well, but the only one close to us is the 2nd weekend in July, and though I’d be ABLE to do it, I wouldn’t do it well, so I won’t want to waste money on a race just for the sake of racing. So, my next 5 or so weeks will be general workouts, and then after that, I’ll start a schedule towards gearing up for the 50k and then I’ll do a couple low-key, local triathlons as well. So, this is what my week of bliss looked like!

Sunday: I got an hour bike ride in during baby’s afternoon nap. I was still pretty tired from traveling the whole week prior, so I didn’t do a workout, just rode.

Monday: 8 mile run workout (4×8 min at 6:45ish pace). Nothing huge, but it felt good to do a specified interval workout!

Tuesday: Hubs was gone, so I was restricted to the bike trainer. I did an hour of hard sprint intervals and then did some light lifting while baby slept. It was super nice in the afternoon, so we spent some time outside after that!IMG_3888[1]

Wednesday: Hubs was still gone, and instead of having baby take her nap in the stroller while I ran, I decided I wanted her to get all her naps in her crib this week (since her next month will be upheaval!). So I rode an hour on the bike again. This time I just did tempo pace intervals.

Thursday: Same story-hour bike ride with a few sprint pick ups in the middle.

Friday: Hubs was back, so I was able to get out and run during baby’s nap! I did 6 miles total with 3×5 min intervals at 6:20 pace! It was HOT and HUMID, but I felt pretty good after my first interval! I was glad I did it and know I have to get used to the heat again now!

Saturday: Since I ran on Friday, I decided not to do back-to-back runs, so I did another bike trainer ride. I figure all the bike time will be good now since we’re about to be traveling and I’ll be without my bike for a month! I did warm up and cool down with a 35 minute tempo in the middle.

So that was my week! Also, along with each of my workouts, I took baby for walks at least once a day around our 1.2 mile loop! It was great to take her out for some fresh air and leisurely exercise!

Of course, we brought the dogs with us too!

Of course, we brought the dogs with us too!

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