Weekly Training Update: Breakthrough!

Hey readers! I had a great week of training this week! Hope you had a good one as well! This week was my “rest week/test week”, but of course I didn’t realize that until halfway through the week, so I really one got like 1 day of rest, and I opted not to lift this week to maximize my rest. :) (Ok, that was my excuse to skip lifting!) Despite my lack of rest though, I had a major breakthrough with my run test! I’ll tell you more about it in a little bit. But first, here’s what I did each day.

Sunday: I managed a 1:10 bike workout before the baby woke for the day. Then literally the rest of the day was spent trying to adjust her to the current time zone AND daylight savings time…

Monday: Hubs was gone again. So instead of my usual Monday swim, I did T25 Rip’T Circuit (I guess you can count that as my lifting for the week!). Then on my lunch break at work, I squeezed in a quick 7 mile run workout with my fastest times ever!

Bonus: it was a beautiful day! Sports-bra weather!

Bonus: it was a beautiful day! Sports-bra weather!

Tuesday: 1:10 bike workout in the morning before baby woke

Wednesday: I finally realized it was my rest week, so I did an easy 6 mile recovery run

Thursday: Bike test!! I worked really hard and felt pretty good about my effort, but when I finished, I realized that yet again, my Garmin didn’t record my data!! I need to figure that thing out…… It was a good max effort workout though at least.

Friday: Run test! Guys, I decided to do the run test at work on my lunch break instead of at 4am. I was realllly sick of running in the dark and figured some daylight might help me improve my times. And you know what? It did!! I did the test on the outdoor track where I work, and when I finished, I was surprised to see that my average pace was 5:56 min/mile!!! My previous fastest time (2 years ago!) was 6 min/mile! So, I was VERY excited to see such a big improvement overall, and from my previous test 3 weeks ago! See? You CAN be faster/stronger post-baby!! I only did 8 miles total for the day because 1) I was exhausted, and 2) I had to get back to my office to meet with a student.IMG_3451[1]

Saturday: I “slept in” till 5:45am! Haha, so sad that sleeping till then is now termed “sleeping in”, but whatever, it felt GOOD to me! I did my swim test once the pool opened at 8am, and I bettered my time for that too! My time was 16:58 and last time it was in the 17s, so I was excited about that too! Total I did 3k yards for the day. Then I got home and spent the rest of the day with the fam. :)

So how was YOUR week! Any exciting training breakthroughs for you??

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