Weekly Training Update: Cramming it all in

Hey readers! This week was so weird! Baby has officially begun teething, and as such, her sleeping schedule is chaotic!! Ok, she’s still WAY better than some babies I’ve heard of, but she started waking 4-5 times a night (as opposed to once), AND waking up for the day somewhere between 5-6am!! (as opposed to 7-7:30am). So, as a result, my training this week was not the usual routine. In fact, I felt like I spent the week desperately cramming it all in! somehow though, I made it through with only a few missed workouts! Here’s what the week looked like.

Sunday: My running and biking got switched around because of my test week last week, so I did a  6.5 mile run in the morning.

Monday: Baby woke up for the day at 5am! So, she hung out in her swing while I did my 1hr 10min bike ride! She had a blast playing with her toys watching me ride! On my lunch break at work, I got in a quick lift.

The swing saved my workout!

                                                                 The swing saved my workout!

Tuesday: Hubs was away for work again, and baby woke up at 5am and proceeded to eat for AN HOUR anyway, so I squeezed my 6 mile run in after I was done teaching for the day.

Wednesday: You guessed it, baby woke up early, so I did my bike ride at work on my lunch again.

Thursday: Annnnd another early waking for the baby, so yet again, I ran in the afternoon after I finished teaching! Got in 7.75miles in SUPER windy conditions, but felt awesome! I was sub 6 minute mile pace for all 3 of my 8min tempos!

Friday: Baby slept till 6:30am! Haha….but guess what? I had a conference early in the morning, so I didn’t bike in the morning. :) Instead, I tried to get my workout in after I got home while she was napping. She only napped 45 minutes, so I only got a 30 minute ride in, BUT it was a good one!

Saturday: My plan was to get up at 4am and run until the baby woke up. But I came down with a nasty cold Friday afternoon, and couple that with baby waking twice before 4am made me turn off my alarm and keep sleeping. Baby woke at 6am, so I fed her and then got ready for work. I had to help with a track meet for the morning.


                                                  It was a beautiful morning for a track meet!!

However, after the meet, I was able to get out with the stroller, and baby and I put in 10 miles together!

Longest stroller run so far!

                                                                     Longest stroller run so far!

So, no swim this week, only one day of lifting, and only a “short” long run, but I’m still pleased with what I did this week! We are now 2 weeks out from my marathon, so next week I’ll probably only put in a 10-12 mile long run again, then it’ll be taper time!

How was YOUR week of training? 

Are you an early riser or do you prefer to workout in the afternoon or evening?

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