Weekly Training Update: Dealing with half our stuff

Hey all! As you know, we moved into our new house a few weeks ago, and we’ve been dealing with half our stuff not being here yet. Well, this week, we found out that our stuff won’t be here until July 20!! That’s nearly 2 months since we had our things backed up from our old house in Ohio! I am NOT happy. Everything was supposed to be here on June 29, but they forgot about part of our shipment…how does that happen? I do NOT know…but alas, we’ve been dealing with it. The worst part about it is 1) baby doesn’t have her crib, so she’s been sleeping in her pack n play….yea….you can imagine how that’s going. and 2) I don’t have any of my bikes….I’m really starting to miss biking! BUT, on the bright side, I got my new employee ID this week, so I can start having access to the campus pool this week! Hoping to sneak away for a swim but the summer hours are limited to mornings and lunch time, so we’ll see how that goes. Anyway, here’s what I’ve been doing this week without all of my possessions…

Monday: 4th of July! If you read my update last week, you know I had a good 7 mile run in the morning, and then later in the morning, the fam and I all went out for a 4 mile hike! Then in the evening, we had some good old sparkler time. :)IMG_4389[1]

Tuesday: My parents were still here, so instead of doing a workout, we hung out with them. I did get about an hour of weeding in during the evening with them, so that’s something!

Wednesday: Got out for a run in the morning before everyone woke. Just 5 miles, but that’s ok.

Thursday: Crazy day with getting my ID and everything for my new job, and the babe kept me busy between that, but I got in my workout in the evening after she went to bed! T25 Total Body….it should be getting easier, but it’s not…

Friday: 6 mile run in the morning with 7 x 60-90 second hill sprints mixed in! In the afternoon, hubs and I took the babe out to feed the ducks. :)IMG_4430[1]

Saturday: I was super tired, so I actually planned on NOT working out, but baby woke at 5:30am, so I was up and so was she, so we went out for a stroller run. Of course, she fell asleep, so I did 6.5 miles with her in that thing going UP hill…..hard workout! We spent the rest of the day cleaning the house, and then in the evening, I worked on my garden a little.

Pretty, huh? :)

Pretty, huh? :)

So, that was our week! I’m making due without being able to bike and swim, but I’m not getting the greatest workouts, so this week I plan on getting back into my run workouts at least, and hope to get to the pool once during the week!

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