Weekly Training Update: Fall has arrived!

Time for my weekly training update! I had an awesome week this week because fall has arrived! And by fall, I mean “fall” weather!! I have LOVED the cool mornings and evenings, but warm afternoons! Seriously, beautiful! I feel like we only actually get fall weather here once every 4 years :) Here’s what my training looked like this week.

Sunday: I’d “skipped” my run on Saturday because I was exhausted from working a cross country meet all day. So, I got up early and ran 10 miles before church. It was a slooooooow run as I was trying to keep my heart rate in my “zone 2” the whole run. I don’t know if I was still recovering from my race, or if I was fighting an infection, but my heart rate was much higher that it should have been for the pace I’d been going. I felt fine though, so after church, I put in 90 minutes at an easy pace on my bike trainer.

Monday: Rest day!

Tuesday: I ran early in the morning, just 6 miles again at my zone 2 heart rate. This time though, I was feeling MUCH better, and was able to hold a more appropriate pace while maintaining a lower heart rate than every run last week! During my lunch break at work, my friend Kim and I lifted for 45 minutes! We suffered together and loved it! Until we finished. :)

Our torture chamber... :)

Our torture chamber… :)

Wednesday: I woke up to my new “alarm” clock for the first time, and it was so peaceful!

The clock when the  "sun" has fully risen.

The clock when the “sun” has fully risen.

I had a lovely, easy 60 minute bike ride before work. Then after work, John and I went to the pool to swim! I did 2,000 meters total, and did my first ever “fin” workout! I did 5x300m where two of those 300meters were with my fins. I don’t think my heart rate has ever been so high from swimming! Wow! It was a good workout!! I can’t wait to do it again next week! :)

Thursday: I ran with my friend Kelly in the morning before work. We did nearly 7 miles at my zone 2 heart rate. It was an even better run than Tuesday! I’m very encouraged by my heart rate improvement this week! On my lunch break again, Kim and I lifted for 50 minutes. I was feeling VERY unmotivated, so I was glad I had a partner who wouldn’t let me wimp out! In the evening, after work, I did a T25 Cardio workout with John to help motivate him. :) I. WAS. DEAD after! It’s one thing to do T25, it’s another thing to do it at the end of a day where you’ve run 7 miles, and lifted HARD for 50 minutes! The things I’ll do to help my husband.. :)

Friday: Amazingly, I felt great in the morning after my hard day Thursday! I rode my bike on the trainer and went for 80 minutes. This was the only “workout” of the day because we had friends over that night.

Saturday: We had our friends over for breakfast on our patio, then went for a 2 hour hike with them! After lunch, John and I went for a bike ride for another 2 hours! We loved the fall weather, and wanted to soak in as much as possible! Who know’s how many beautiful fall days we’ll have left before the rainy season. :)

the hubs and I about to start our ride!

the hubs and I about to start our ride!

I’m not tallying up my workouts for the week for now since I’m not “training”. Mileage and training time per week don’t matter to me right now. I’m satisfied with what I did this week no matter the total distance or time. :)

How was your week of training?

Have you changed your routine up for the fall?

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