Weekly Training update: Finally some progress!

Good morning everyone! I had a great week of training this week, and I feel like after a month or so of plateaus, I’m finally seeing some progress again! During a training cycle, there’s always periods of plateau, but it’s so nice when you can break through and gain some ground again! I felt good in all my workouts this week, which is a first in several weeks! Here’s how the week went:

Sunday: I did T25 Alpha Ab Intervals in the morning, then had my killer simulated Syracuse Ironman 70.3 bike ride! It was so hard, I feel like I’m still recovering! (Not really 😉 ) It took 3hrs, 23min to complete, then I somehow managed to do my 15 min run when I finished. image (7)

Monday: My first day back to lifting! I did T25 Rip’T Circuit first, then went to the gym and did 30 minutes of leg work.

Tuesday: In the morning, I had a very warm run workout! It was 4X8 min in my zone 4. I totaled 9 miles for the run. Then in the evening, we went to the pool and I had a 3,500 meter swim workout.

first warm workout = first sunburn!

first warm workout = first sunburn!

Wednesday: I had a 1hr, 50 min bike workout in the morning. In the afternoon, I didn’t do a T25 workout, but I did a 30 minute total body and ab exercise routine-without weights.

Thursday: I had a shorter, but harder run workout this day. It totaled 6.5 miles. I then did 10 minutes of exercise on my swim halo bench, and then 20 minutes of total body exercises.

Friday: I did my swim in the morning (instead of the usual Thursday evening). It went really well though! I fixed an issue with my form, and noticed immediate results with how I felt AND with my times. The workout was 3,000 meters total.

Saturday: I had the hardest long run/workout EVER, but I did great! The run was 8 X 9 minutes in my zone 3 with 1 min rest between each, then 20 minutes in zone 2. Including warm-up and cool down, it was 2 hours exactly, totaling 16.1 miles! Later in the afternoon, we went to the pool to swim. I was pretty beat from the run AND from the swim the day before, so I wasn’t very fast, but I hit the times I was supposed to (just barely!). The workout was 3,500 meters total.

Totals for the week:

Run: 33.6 miles (4 hrs, 15 min, 30 sec)

Bike: 7 hrs, 13 min

Swim: 10,000 meters (3 hrs, 20 min, 30 sec)

Lifting/body weight exercise/Halo bench: 1 hrs, 30 min

T25: 2 workouts (50 min)

Total Training Time: 17 hours, 9 minutes

So you can see from this layout, I not only accomplished every swim, bike, run day this week (often I skip a day of something), but I also was able to complete all of my workouts-in the proper time-ranges, AND I got faster in a few things even! Good week!

How was your week of training? I hope it went well and that you were able to notice some progress as well!

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