Weekly Training Update: First week back at work

This was officially my first week back at work after my maternity leave! As such, this was my first week back to training with a crazy schedule. Thankfully, I planned out ahead of time what I would do, so I was able to stick to that and had pretty good success! Here’s how my week went:

Sunday: I had my 2nd indoor bike time trial for the season! It was a great one, and I PR-ed! You can check out my race report here.

Monday: After feeding the baby at 5am, I headed to the pool and swam an awesome 3,700 yds! I decided to do a pyramid workout again, so after a 600 warm-up, I did 100, 200, 300, 400, 550 (I lost count), 450 (lost count again!), 300, 200, 100. Then I had a 400 cool-down. My goal was to swim an hour, and this took me 59 minutes, so I was pleased!

I love my gym because I almost always have the pool to myself!

I love my gym because I almost always have the pool to myself!

Tuesday: The baby woke up at 2:30am, so I fed her and put her back to bed, then slept myself until 4:30am. I was nervous she would wake at 6am, so I quickly ate breakfast and headed out for my run. I stayed close to home and just did mile repeats around my neighborhood. I got back from my 7 mile workout at exactly 6am, checked on her and happily discovered both she and the hubs were fast asleep, so I was able to stretch, have some Recoverite, and get ready for work all before she woke!

Wednesday: My first official bike workout of the year!! I moved my bike out into the living room since I was biking at 5am–didn’t want to risk waking the baby, and often, the hubs is still sleeping too. :)

Pack 'n play AND swing ready if needed! :)

Pack ‘n play AND swing ready if needed! :)

My husband planned out a doozy of a workout for me! It was 5 minutes at 100% effort, then immediately into 20 minutes at zone 4 pace, then 10X1 minute of 100% effort at a super high cadence! This took me an hour and 20 minutes total. AND, amazingly, the baby didn’t wake up at all during it, and once again, I was able to get showered and completely ready for work before she woke! (good girl!!)

On my lunch break at work, I snuck down to the weight room for a quick introductory lifting workout. This was my first real lifting session in almost a year, so I took it easy! You can read about what I chose to do here.

Thursday: The baby woke at 4am, so I fed her and then went straight out for my run. Of course, it was a super dark morning, and my headlamp died about a mile in! I decided to just live by the light of people’s porch lights, and I survived. :) Oh, and hubs felt so bad for me with my headlamp dying that he bought me a new BRIGHT one!  Can’t wait to try it out next run!IMG_3095

I did 8×20 second all out sprints for a total of 6 miles after warm-up and cool-down. AGAIN, baby was still sleeping when I got home, and stayed asleep till it was time for me to get her up and take her to the sitter!

Friday: Baby actually slept till 5am this morning, so I fed her and then quickly hopped on my bike. I only had time for an hour, so I did a HARD power workout! After warming up, I did 3×1 minute intervals at the absolute highest power I could muster while still pedaling at 50rpms. I did 4 min recovery between. Then, I did 8×10 second sprints at the highest power I could do while maintaining over 100 rpms. I had 20 seconds recovery between these. The workout was super fun AND hard, so I plan on doing it again!

Saturday was forecasted to be a busy day for me because I was scheduled to speak at a running clinic all morning, so I recruited two of my fastest male co-workers to do a 10 mile lunch-time run with me on Friday! I hadn’t ran with the guys since before I was pregnant, but I knew I had to get in a fast 10 mile run, and they were my best bet at doing so. AND, I wanted the company. We had a GREAT time, and the miles flew by fast because we were chatting the whole time. We did 7:28 pace which felt really easy for all of us! I’m so blessed to have two awesome co-workers who love to run AND are pretty much my pace!

Saturday: As expected, Saturday WAS a busy day. I spoke at the run clinic in the morning (about training through pregnancy!), and then the afternoon was filled with family time!

Overall, it was a great week of workouts, and really went incredibly smooth given timing the baby feedings and all! I wasn’t late for work a single time, which is amazing, AND I got in all my planned workouts! Hoping for another great week next week!


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