Weekly Training Update: First Week of Work

Time for my weekly training update! This was my first week of work; officially back from the summer! It was a pretty easy week at work-I only had to go in a few days. Next week will be crazy though, so I was trying to enjoy what “free” time I had left! Here’s what I did:

Sunday: I did my usual morning T25 Ab workout, then in the afternoon, I rode the simulated Mont Tremblant bike course. It was a HARD ride for me! So much harder than last week’s! I was trying to beat my time from the week prior, and instead I was 7 minutes slower. :( Unfortunately, my bike chain was causing problems AGAIN, and that made for some slow riding. However, John fixed it after my ride, so it should be good to go from now on! After the ride, I did my short, easy 15 minute run. 10513369_789021421150329_2535614253140457099_n

Monday: My brother was still visiting us, so I took him to work with me, and we lifted together. I did about 45 minutes of lifting.

Tuesday: I had a hard run workout in the morning. I was pretty sore from lifting Monday, but I was able to make it through my 4×8 minute workout. It was 8.33 miles total. In the evening, John and I went to the pool where I met with a swim coach to give me some tips on my form. We were there a while, but my total swimming was 3,000 meters in 1 hour. The meeting went well, but I’ve got a lot of work to do on my form!

Wednesday: I rode a HARD workout on my bike trainer on the simulated Mont Tremblant course! This is a workout that I’ve struggled to do every time it’s been on my schedule! I’ve only successfully completed it ONCE. Add in the hills of the simulated bike course, and it makes it even harder! BUT, I did it! I was pooped after, but I was proud of my accomplishment! Then, in the evening, my aunt came to visit us and brought my new rode bike!! image (60)

Thursday: I had to take my car to the mechanic :(, so I drove it there in the morning, and ran back home! It was only a few miles away from our house, so it worked well to  take the long way home and make it a hill workout. :) Right after my run, I spent the next 3 hours weeding my gardens. :) Then, my friend came over to go to the beach with me so I could do an open water swim. She was 40 weeks and 1 day pregnant! I guess watching me swim motivated her to go into labor, because just 2 hours after I dropped her off, she was in labor! I’m pretty excited for her. :)

Oh, then in the evening, John fitted me for my new road bike, and we took a short 3 mile ride to test it out. :) image (59)

Friday: I had to be at work all day, but when I got out, I took my new road bike out for a long workout! I rode 37 miles and it was great! I love the new bike, and I think she’s going to do QUITE well on the hills of Canada!

Saturday: I had my hardest run workout on the schedule this morning! I was so nervous about it! The last time I had this workout scheduled, I failed miserably! It was 4X19 minutes at 6:29-6:59 pace, then 20 minutes at 7-7:30 pace. I nailed it! I felt awesome the whole time, and it was so encouraging! I think I’ll feel much more confident going into Mont Tremblant now that I’ve had two SOLID long run workouts under my belt!



After John and I did some yard work, we headed to the pool for my long swim. I was SUPER tired, so I swam a little slow for my preference :/ I was also trying to work on my new form too, so that made me slower as well. I managed to do 4X500 meters at half ironman race pace, and then 1,000 meters at full ironman pace. That was enough for me!

As you can see, it was a pretty full week! I have one more week of hard training left, and then TAPER time!

Totals for the week:

T25/Lifting: 1 hour, 10 minutes

Running: 33.43 miles (4 hours, 16 minutes)

Biking: 123 miles (7 hours, 30 minutes)

Swimming: 9,050 meters (3 hours, 4 minutes)

Total Training Time: 16 hours


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