Weekly Training Update: Freedom!

Freedom! I am officially “done” work for the summer. Yesterday was our graduation, which I had to go to as faculty, and now we just have a few meetings throughout the summer, but the bulk of my work is done! Let me tell you, I am SO ready for a break! My training this week shows it! My body is ready to fall apart if I have one more crazy busy week… I had to take a few things off my training schedule in order to survive the week, so here’s how I did:

Sunday: Birthday breakfast with my friends! Then a 3 hour bike ride in the afternoon, followed by a 15 minute run. Also, John and I later went on an hour hike in the evening. IMG_0979[1]

Monday: T25 Rip’T circuit (the only T25 workout I did this week!)

Tuesday: 8.5 mile tempo run workout in the morning. I was supposed to swim in the evening, but I subluxed a bone in my foot during the run,(my talus for those of you medically minded) so went to the chiropractor that night to get it taken care of. Felt immediate relief! Also, that night I got my knew Roll Recovery device, so I spent about an hour rolling my tight muscles. :) image (6)

Wednesday: 1hr, 50 min bike workout-hardest workout ever! I had to cut the repeats a little short because it was too much for my tired muscles to take.

Thursday: I was nervous about doing a run workout because I didn’t want my foot to get messed up again, so I just ran an easy 7 miles. No problems! In the evening, we went to the pool and I swam 3,000 meters.

Friday: 2 hour bike workout-much easier than Wednesday!

Saturday: I had to do another long workout for my long run, AND I had to get up early to do it! I told you I had to go to our graduation, so that meant doing the run early in the morning. The run totaled 14 miles. The last couple miles, my foot started to feel sore but not too bad, however, the whole rest of the day it KILLED! (Unfortunately I have to wait until Monday night to see the chiropractor, but it is feeling significantly better this morning.) Anyway, due to not being able to walk Saturday afternoon, we decided it would be a bad idea to go to the pool. So I just stayed home and iced and did more rolling with my Roll Recovery!

Totals for the week:

Run: 31.5 miles (4 hrs, 6 min)

Bike: 6 hrs, 50 min

Swim: 3,000 meters (1 hr, 8 min)

Hike: 1 hr

T25: 25 min

Total Training Time: 13 hrs, 29 min

So, I survived the week…barely. Hoping with next week not being so busy that I can recover! Since my foot went bonkers on both my run “workouts” but was fine on an easy run, I plan to just do easy running this week and give it time to recover. I also hope to do an open water swim sometime this week! Thursday’s forecast is 80 degrees, so that looks promising! Hope you all had a great week of training!

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