Weekly training update: full training resumed

I resumed full training this week in running, biking, and swimming! It was a hard week getting back into it, but I was able to make it through all of my running workouts, and I didn’t have to cut them short. My IT bands are still pretty angry with me from the marathon-still just very stiff. So I plan on doing an extra amount of foam rolling today and tomorrow :) Here’s how my week went:

Sunday: I got back into doing T25! I started the morning off with T25 Alpha Ab Intervals. In the afternoon, I did a 2hr, 30min bike ride followed by a 15 min run.

Monday: T25 Rip’T circuit

Tuesday: 6.7 mile run workout in the morning…..IN THE SNOW!  In the evening, I did 10 min on my swim halo bench, then went to the pool and did a 2,500 meter swim.IMG_0964[1]

Wednesday: 1 hr, 50 min bike workout—hardest bike workout EVER!!!!

Thursday: In the morning, I did a 7.2 mile run workout. I was supposed to swim in the evening, but I was tired and knew I had a big day on Friday, so I cut the swim out.

Friday: I had the morning off, so I got up early and did a 10 mile long run immediately followed by a 2 hr bike workout with my friend. It was HARD! It was good though. Also, I was proud of myself because I accomplished my plan of getting my long run in on Friday since I had to work all day Saturday.

Saturday: I worked a track meet all day, but in the evening we went to the pool so I could get my swim in. I was supposed to do 3,500 meters, but we didn’t realize the pool closed at 8 on Saturdays, so I got cut off at 3,000 meters. I actually didn’t mind too much though because my workout was going horribly… I took it as a sign that I should work on my form more, so I did 10 minutes on my halo swim bench when I got home.

Totals for the week:

Running: 26 miles (3 hrs, 19 min)

Biking: 6 hrs, 20 min

Swimming: 5,500 meters (1 hr, 56 min)

T25: Two workouts (50 min)

Halo Bench: 20 min

Total training time this week: 12 hours, 45 minutes 

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