Weekly Training Update: Hitting the wall

Ah, the weekend…..I never thought it would get here! I’ve had a GREAT weekend so far! This week was hard as my second week back at work, and thus my second week of getting up EARLY to workout. I felt like I was hitting the wall by Tuesday. It was hard to keep up with my workouts, but I stuck it out! I think it’ll get easier now that I’m “in the swing of things”. And hopefully baby will cooperate more and more too. So, here’s my weekly update.

Sunday: I amazingly got in 1:45 bike ride! I did 1:10 of HARD intervals (you can check out the specifics in my post on Wednesday). Then after 1:10, Zoe woke up, so I fed her, and then did a 35 minute cool down. IMG_3093

Monday: Swim day! I dragged myself to the pool at 5:30am and got in 3,600yds! I did the same pyramid workout again. I think next time I’ll change it up a little. :) Funny story though…when I was leaving the gym after showering, the guy walking in said “wow, you’re done already?” Yup…..early one for me…IMG_2901

Tuesday: It was about 5 degrees outside, and 5am was painful, but I got in 6 miles. I did mile “repeats”, but they were only at about 6:35 pace. Still, it’s getting there, and not too bad for very little sleep and being freezing cold!

Wednesday: I had a great bike workout early in the morning! The baby slept better, so I had slightly more sleep. :) I did some hard repeats and finished at 1:10. On my lunch break at work, I did a lifting workout too.

Thursday: 9 degrees and snowing….my dog was DYING for a run, so I went out and had a decent run for the roads being covered with snow! I did 6.5 miles total with some 20 second sprints mixed in.

"Take me with you mommy?"

“Take me with you mommy?”

Friday: Ufffff…..my body was so tired from the week. I did get up early to bike, but decided to just do an easy hour spin. I’d also hoped to lift during lunch at work, but was just exhausted so I figured I better make it a rest day.

Saturday: Felt awesome after some “real” sleep! Headed out for a long run around 8am and did 3.25 miles with Durango.

"Wait for me, mommy!"

“Wait for me, mommy!”

Then I did 7.75 by myself, and finished up with 3.1 with my son riding his bike beside me! Totaled 14 miles at 7:44 pace! I didn’t push at all, just went easy, so I was glad to see I averaged under 8! I spent the rest of the day relaxing with the fam. :)

My son riding his bike with me happily even though it was freezing! I made him hot chocolate when we got back :)

My son riding his bike with me happily even though it was freezing! I made him hot chocolate when we got back :)

Hoping for a good week next week! My workouts will change a little because my husband will be working and can’t watch the baby while I run. We’ll see how it goes!

How are you other mom readers able to fit in workouts around your baby’s schedule?


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