Weekly Training Update: House updates!

I’m a day late on my weekly training update, and it was such a crazy week that I didn’t get a chance to post hardly at all this week! We’ve been cleaning our house and doing other fun house updates this week in preparation of my husband’s parents visiting us next weekend! Pretty much whenever we weren’t at work, or working out, we were cleaning, organizing, and rearranging our house! Here’s how the week went:

Sunday: I got up early to do my 10 mile run before church.

Monday: We did T25 Cardio after work.

Tuesday: My friend Kelly and I ran in the morning, then during my lunch break, Kim and I lifted! I’m still not enjoying lifting very much, but I enjoy having a friend to keep me accountable!

Wednesday: I rode my bike for 90 minutes in the morning, then in the evening, we went to the pool and I swam 2,000 meters.

Thursday: I ran 7 miles in the morning, then Kim and I lifted again on Thursday. I was able to increase my weights in everything; getting stronger!

Friday: I did a quick 70 minute bike ride then headed to work a rainy cross country meet! I was thankful it was sort of warm out, because it sure was rainy!!

Saturday: We literally spent ALL DAY cleaning and organizing our house! We also moved our bikes into our bedroom. When we originally set our bikes up in our living room 2 years ago, we didn’t think it would be a long term thing. We figured we’d just have our trainers out in the winter, and then take the bikes down in the spring. That never happened, and we’ve literally had our bikes in our living room for 2 years. We decided it was time to have a normal living room, and turn half our bedroom into our workout room. I like it so far! image (76)

Sunday: I did another 10 mile run in the morning before church. Then in the afternoon, I did my “long” bike ride: 2 hours.

That was it for my week!

How did your training go this week?

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