Weekly Training Update: I love Utah!

You guys, I LOVE Utah! Seriously, living here is so fun and we aren’t even in our house yet! We move in sometime toward the end of this week! FINALLY! But yea, we love this area and are having a blast exploring and sightseeing! I’m also enjoying my workouts, though I’m desperate to get back into the pool and on my bike!! The pool still won’t happen this week as I won’t have access to a pool till July, but once we move in, my bike will be one of the first things set up in our new house!! Can’t wait!! Anyway, here’s what we did this week…

Sunday: Rest day for me. Well…..rest day from official workouts, but NOT restful! We went out to breakfast to celebrate Father’s Day, then church, and then after that, we spent the rest of the day prepping our house and doing the painting! We didn’t finish though, so we decided to just hire someone to do the rest….it was too big of a job!!

This will be my workout room!

This will be my workout room!

Monday: I did a T25 Workout-Core Cardio during baby’s nap, and then we took a walk in the afternoon! I also went over to our new house to let the carpet guys in, and while I was waiting, I did some massive “weed” pulling! It was a gigantic vine actually…

Told ya...

Told ya…

Tuesday: Baby woke up at 5am and wouldn’t go back to sleep! So, I put her in the stroller and ran with her. At almost 3 miles, she was still awake, so I figured I’d head back home, but she soon fell asleep and I was able to get in 11.5 miles total! She napped in the stroller for 7 miles!!! Pretty amazing! I was SO tired after that because I’d only planned on 8 miles max, but it was great to get a “long run” in finally!

We ran up this hill 4x!

We ran up this hill 4x!

In the afternoon, we went for a walk to a dog park nearby! The dogs loved it!IMG_4289[1]

Wednesday: Another early morning for the baby but I couldn’t bear to push that stroller again, so I hung out with her till her nap time and then I did T25 Total Body for my workout! Hubs took the day off work (yay!!!) and in the afternoon, we took the whole family to a local water park! The kids had a great time!!IMG_4296[1]

Thursday: ANOTHER early morning for baby…whaaaaaaaat. I figured I’d try the stroller method again, and set out with her bundled up. Buuuuut, 5 miles into it and she wasn’t asleep, so I called it quits at 5.5 miles. Still a good run. After the run, I took the kids and dogs to a local hiking spot and we did about 3 miles of hiking up a mountain with some friends we met! We had a blast, but we were pretty tired after!IMG_4303[1]

Friday: Baby girl slept allllmost till normal time, but still not long enough for me to get a workout in, so I did T25 Total Body again while she napped. In hind-sight, I could have fit in two workouts because she napped for 2hrs and 15 min!! Glad she finally got caught up on sleep!!

Saturday: My parents flew in to spend a few days with us, so we spent the day with them on Saturday shopping, sight-seeing, and doing things around our new home!

So, that was our week! Another great one here in the West! I can’t wait till we move into our new home this week!!!

How was your week of training? Any summer plans?

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