Weekly Training Update: IM Syracuse

Time for my weekly training update! Sorry I missed updating you last week–I was racing IM Syracuse 70.3, so I didn’t write up a training report for the week. :) BUT, I’ve got one for this past week! It was a crazy week for me with the race, traveling, trying to recover, working on beginning my new taper, going to my conference, and finally driving to New Hampshire yesterday! Here’s how I did though.

Sunday: Half Ironman! I did a short, 10 minute run before the race, a tiny swim not even worth counting, then a 2 mile cool down run after the race. All in all, that worked out to be 1.2 miles of swimming, 56 miles of biking, and 16.5 miles of running! Then we hoped in our car and drove all the way back home that night!

Monday: Recovery day. I was feeling pretty good after sleeping in, so I did a VERY slow, easy 1:30 bike ride.

Tuesday: Felt almost back to normal, but not normal enough to try running or REAL biking. Instead, I did a T25 Ab Interval workout, and then went to the pool for a swim workout. That actually went great! I swam some of the fastest times I’ve had in months!! I kept it “short” though-only 2,300 meters for about 45 minutes. :)

Wednesday: I woke up not feeling the least bit sore this day, so I did my regularly scheduled bike workout! It was 1:20 long and I made it though quite successfully I thought. No adverse effects either!

Thursday: I was staying in a hotel Wednesday through Friday, so my workouts had to be adjusted slightly. Thursday was a recovery day though, so I just did a relaxed 60 minute run in the morning, the squeezed in a 45 minute bike ride at the end of the day! I didn’t swim because the hotel pool was tiiiiiiiny!

Friday: I got up early before our conference started to get my bike/run brick in. The bike was short-just 35 minutes, but the run was a workout. It was 6X9 minutes at race pace. It went sooooo well! I felt great! I drove back from my conference that night and then quickly packed for my trip on Saturday!

Saturday: John and I got up crazy early to drive to New Hampshire for a week with the fam! We arrived around 7:30pm for a late dinner and then squeezed in a short 22 minute swim! It felt good to loosen up after such a long drive!

Awesome place for an open water swim! Who wouldn't want to spend a week here? :)

Awesome place for an open water swim! Who wouldn’t want to spend a week here? :)

So that’s how my week went! A little unconventional, but I feel like my muscles are rested and fresh, so that’s what matters! I’m not even going to count how many hours of training I did this week because right now it shouldn’t matter to me. :) We are looking forward to this next week as we will get to spend some time with our family, AND get to do some training with them! Hoping for a more relaxed week than last week too!!

How was your week of training?

Do you have any family vacations coming up soon?


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