Weekly Training Update: Last week of summer

This was officially my last week of summer! Ahhhh how did it happen so fast!?! I literally feel like I spent my entire summer moving. Oh wait…..that’s because I did! Yea, this week, we FINALLY got the rest of our stuff, so literally we just finished settling in this week… But, on the bright side, I don’t really start teaching until the last week of August–I’m just going in every day until then to get organized, prep my classes, and ease baby Z back into daycare. I’m going to miss her! It’s been a super fun summer exploring and experiencing new things with her! Now I just have to be extra focused on making the most of the time I have with her! But enough of that…here’s my weekly update for you.

Sunday: My sister and brother in-law were still visiting us, but I got in a quick 45 minute bike ride during baby’s morning nap before we headed to church.

Monday: Remember that awesome treadmill that hubs got me? Well, I got the chance to use it! Hubs had to be out of town for work Mon-Wed, so it was either run with the stroller or run on the treadmill. I opted for the treadmill and it was a great time! I did 6 miles on it that included 3×5 min at 6:40 pace.

Tuesday: I had a good bike workout during baby’s nap–only 53 minutes, but it was still nice to be getting a workout in! Then, in the afternoon, I got the surprise call that the moving company found some more of our stuff and they wanted to bring it over! Yes, please! So, for the rest of the day, we were unpacking!

Wednesday: I literally spent the entire day unpacking. I didn’t get a chance to shower until 10pm! So yea, that was my workout. Oh, and my medals and race bibs? YEP, they came! Top priority was getting them back on display. :)

Home sweet home!

Home sweet home!

Thursday: I had a “blind running date” with a girl I met on a local running facebook page! It was fun meeting another runner! She didn’t go with me very long, but I got in 7 miles total with baby Z sleeping in the stroller!

Friday: I got a 1:03 bike workout in during baby’s nap this time! Oh, and in the afternoon, I did some experimenting and made some homemade mango baby “puffs”. She loved them so much that I made some carrot ones in the evening!



Saturday: Baby girl actually had a good night, and slept until 7am on Saturday! (She hadn’t done that since last weekend–I guess she likes to “sleep in” on the weekends!) So, I was able to get up at 5 and head out the door for a run! I got in 11.14 miles before she woke. :) It was a beautiful morning, and I enjoyed the scenic run! I finished out the run with 2×8 min tempos to try and work on getting my speed back.

So, that was our eventful week! Next week, since I’ll be back at work, I plan on getting some swimming in! Also, I NEED to start lifting!! We’ll see if that happens next week or not. :)

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