Weekly Training Update: Last week of summer

It’s Sunday! That means it’s time for my weekly training update! This week was my last week of summer, as I head back to work tomorrow! I’ll be glad to be on a “schedule” again, but I’m mourning my last free day of vacation! Here’s what I did this week!

Sunday: In the morning, I did my usual T25 Dynamic Core Workout. Then in the afternoon, I decided to try riding the simulated Mont Tremblant course on my bike trainer! It was HARD, but good! It took me 3hrs, 15 mins. (Hoping to ride it again today and beat my time!) 10513369_789021421150329_2535614253140457099_n

Monday: Rest day from cardio, but I went to the gym and did about 45 minutes of lifting. It felt good, but I was sore for 3 days after!!

Tuesday: In the morning, I had a 4X8 minute tempo run workout. It was a beautiful, cool morning, and I had an awesome run! In the afternoon, I headed to the pool and did a 2,600 meter workout. I noticed some improvement in my swimming form, and felt a lot smoother! After I left the pool, I went to pick up my brother who came to visit us for the week!

He's been working on cleaning out his items stored in our attic :)

Wednesday: I had a bike workout on the schedule, and decided to do it while biking the simulated Mont Tremblant course. It is SO MUCH harder doing the workout during the simulated ride! I got through it pretty well though, and felt much more confident after! I think riding this course will really build my strength!

Later in the afternoon, my brother and I spent several hours digging sod. It’s a whole new kind of workout :) image (57)

Thursday:  In the morning, my brother and I did a hill workout for our run. Then in the afternoon, I headed to the beach to do an open water swim. This was a very encouraging swim! I didn’t go super fast, but I at least went STRAIGHT! I’m hoping to keep working on my form in the pool so that I can swim straight outside. :) In the evening, my husband, brother, and I dug more sod…that’s right….but, we finished! Or at least finished for now :) We are now ready to plant our next garden. :)

Friday: I did another trainer workout while biking the Mont Tremblant course. This one was 2 hours long, and I destroyed my quads! Embrace the burn, right? Thankfully, I had a pretty easy day after this, so my legs could finally recover. :)

Saturday: I had an awesome day of workouts! I had a very hard and frightening run on the schedule. It was 2 hours total with 6 X 14 minutes at race pace (6:29-6:59 pace). The last time I had this workout on the schedule, I bombed it. Completely crashed after just 3 repeats. Needless to say, I was very nervous about trying it again. However, I decided to do it with having no expectations, and guess what? I totally nailed it! I felt great! One thing I’ve realized about running is every day is different. Don’t let a bad run get you down; use it to push you on to do better next time!!



In the afternoon, I went to the pool with my brother, and I did a long swim workout. I felt really good, and my form still seems to be improving! I did 3,600 meters in 1 hr, 10 minutes. In the evening, I was pretty tired, but we headed out with my brother and a friend of ours to watch a demolition derby! It was pretty fun! :)

Overall, it was a tough week of training and “house work”, but it was a great week! I’m looking forward to my next couple weeks of hard training, and then a taper!!

Training Totals:

T25/Lifting: 1 T25 workout, 45 minutes of lifting (1 hr, 10 minutes)

Running: 33.45 miles (4 hrs, 18 min, 30 sec)

Biking: 113.3 miles (6 hrs, 56 min)

Swimming: 8,656 meters (2 hours, 55 min)

Total Training Time: 15 hours, 19 minutes, 30 seconds

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