Weekly Training Update: Looking for new goals

So I don’t often find myself at the end of April with all of my goals for the year being accomplished. I didn’t set very many goals this year because I wasn’t sure how crazy things would be with having a baby. However, here I am looking for new goals. I’m in an odd spot because we are preparing to move our family out west next month, so I know training will be up in the air during that time. However, I think I’d like to set my sights on a 70.3 for the fall. We’ll see!

This week was much the same as last-just easy runs and rides.

I biked an hour on Sunday, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday!

Tuesday, Friday, and Saturday were easy run days

And that was about it! I did some strength training on Monday too but that wasn’t much to speak of :)

This week, I think I’ll be ready to tackle some real training again! I no longer have my pool membership due to moving, but I’m hoping to

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