Weekly training update: Marathon prep week

This week, I was tapering for my marathon tomorrow! This is why I’m writing this tonight-because tomorrow morning, I’ll be racing! I’m hoping for a good race. I’m a little concerned though because my legs have not felt great this week :/ Hoping for happy legs tomorrow! Here’s what I did this week:

Sunday: T25 Dynamic Core in the morning, then my run test in the afternoon (9 miles total)

Monday: Rest (Yes, I took a complete, full day off! My legs were super tired after the run test, so I knew I needed it)

Tuesday: 5.2 mile run in the morning. I took it easy and just ran slow. In the evening, I swam 2,300 meters.

Wednesday: Easy 1 hour bike ride in the morning

Thursday: 5.1 miles in the morning, then a swim workout in the evening (3,000 meters)

Friday: 1 hour bike ride in the morning

Saturday: 20 minute run in the morning-nice and slow to loosen up. Then an easy 1,600 meter swim after.

Totals for the week:

T25: 1 workout (25 minutes)

Swim halo bench: 10 minutes

Swim: 6,900 meters (2 hrs, 33 min)

Bike: 2 hours

Run:  21.7 miles (2 hrs, 43 min)

Total Time: 7 hrs, 51 min

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