Weekly Training Update: One month in Utah

Hello everyone! This week, we surpassed the milestone of living one month in Utah! And yes, we are still living without all of our things. However, this was the first week that I really felt adjusted and like were were settling in! T minus 3 days until we have all of our stuff! Yay!

This was a decent week for workouts for me, but I’m still sans bike, so that’s been rough. Here’s what the week looked like though.

Sunday: Baby got up super early and was mega fussy, so I just did a T25 workout once she went down for a nap.

Monday: Originally I planned on going for a run, but again, difficulties with baby waking early and napping earlier than her regular schedule, so I did a T25 again after she fell asleep for her morning nap.

Tuesday: Got a run in! Though not without baby…she just can NOT sleep past 6am anymore….gotta start working on putting her to bed a little later I guess… anyway, took baby out in the stroller after her super early nap, and got in 5 miles before she got sick of riding.

Wednesday: More the same….T25 again. I’ve been doing Total Body workout every time because it’s the hardest one for me. It should start to get easier, but it’s still just as hard every time!! In the evening, hubs and I took the baby and dogs out for a mile walk while our son was at youth group. It was nice to walk around the neighborhood a little!

Thursday: Good run with the stroller! Babe and I headed out after breakfast and got a few miles in before her nap, then she slept the rest of the way. I did 8.1 miles with her and man did we climb some hills!! I felt like super mom after that run! While we were running up the steepest hill, a woman and her husband and dog were walking down and the woman said “wow, I’m not that cool!” My response? “Uh, no, this sucks!” haha….it did, but I appreciated the compliment!

Our view from the top of the mountain we ran up :)

Our view from the top of the mountain we ran up :)

Friday: T25 again….can’t wait for my bike to be here so I can do bike workouts instead!!

Saturday: Big day! We woke up at 6am thanks to the baby, but we wanted to get up early to head out for a morning hike at Adams Canyon! It gets super hot here, and we don’t like to hike with the dogs in the heat after our bad experience a couple weeks ago, so we were at the trail head just before 8am. Crazy thing? People were already finishing their hike when we started!

My son wasn't too thrilled about the early morning. ;)

My son wasn’t too thrilled about the early morning. ;)

Anyway, we had a great time and made it to the top! We saw the waterfall, and then headed back down. 4.5 miles total and who knows how much elevation…a LOT!

The dogs worked hard up the last section! Basically straight up and super rocky!

The dogs worked hard up the last section! Basically straight up and super rocky!

In the afternoon, we all headed to the pool so I could get my long awaited swim in!! I’m so glad I finally have my faculty ID now so I can swim!! I felt super out of swim shape, so I was content just doing 1,200meters which was all the time my kids could stand. Baby got cold in the water, and my son got bored swimming. :) Once I start work and baby starts daycare, I’ll be able to swim a few times a week (yay!!!!), but for now I’ll be content just going on Saturdays when John can watch the baby.

So, that was my week! This coming week will be crazy as we move our stuff in (again….)! But hopefully I’ll have good news to share at the end of the week! I’m planning on biking basically the second my bike is set up in the basement!

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