Weekly Training Update: Prepping to crew

Here’s my weekly training update! This is going to be very abbreviated, because I’m still exhausted from crewing my friends as they ran their first 52.4 mile race yesterday! More on that tomorrow though. :) This past week went by pretty quickly as we spent much of it prepping to crew for the race. Here’s what my training looked like though.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: 70 minute bike ride on the trainer. I decided to bike instead of run since I knew I’d be putting on a lot of miles by the weekend. In the afternoon, I lifted. I had to lift by myself though because my lifting buddy was tapering for her race on Sunday!

Wednesday: 90 minute bike ride in the morning before work. Then after work, John and I went to the pool (first time in 2 weeks! Yikes!). I swam 1,600 meters of drills and fin work, then headed home.

Thursday: 8+ mile run with my friend Kelly in the morning, then about 50 minutes of lifting in the afternoon. I had to lift by myself again since Kim was tapering.

Friday: 90 minute bike ride before work

Saturday: Rest day/travel day

Sunday: Race day! My friends Kim and Steve raced a double marathon! I’ll talk more about that tomorrow, but by the end of the day, I’d run about 26 miles as well. I’m definitely feeling it, and plan to take a rest day today! image1

How did your week of training go?

Did you have any races this weekend?

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