Weekly Training Update: Race Week!

Since tomorrow is my race, I’m going to give you my weekly training update tonight! I’ve spent this week doing mostly “normal” training instead of a taper since this race tomorrow is really just a glorified practice day. Still though, I have the usual pre-race jitters. I’m excited, but just want to get it started! I think I’m even more anxious because it’s my first triathlon of the season. Anyway, here’s what I did this week:

Sunday: My parents were still visiting us, so I didn’t do my typical workouts (I moved them to Friday). In the morning though, before church, I did a short run workout of 6 miles. In the afternoon, we went on a long walk and then to the beach to get an open water swim! I took it slow and helped John get comfortable with the water and his wet suit, but I did about 1,300 meters.10257198_10152459543254508_1554204029492553976_o

Monday: John had Memorial Day off of work, so after we dropped my parents off at the airport, we went out for our first outside bike ride of the year! We rode 33 miles at an easy pace for about 2 hours.image (22)

Tuesday: I did my longer run workout in the morning. It was a hot and humid morning, but I hammered out 4 X 8 minute tempos at 6:40 pace! The run was 9 miles total. I had planned on swimming that night, but both John and I have allergies (his much worse) and neither of us could breathe, so we took the night off.

Wednesday: I felt like I needed to take my bike outside again for a ride in preparation for my race on Sunday, so I rode by myself for 2 hours and did 36 miles. In the afternoon, I was feeling pretty good allergy-wise, so I headed to the pool to do my workout from Tuesday. Once I got in the pool I realized how important breathing was to swimming (ha!)…. I completed the workout, but didn’t enjoy it very much. I did 3,000 meters and called it a day.

Thursday: I wanted to do my long run this day instead of Saturday so that my legs wouldn’t be dead for my race. Sadly, it was another VERY humid day and my legs weren’t feeling too happy. My long run workout didn’t go as planned, but you can’t hit every workout. I know the challenge will make me better! I ended up cutting it short and going home after 13 miles in 1:39. By evening, I had recovered, so John and I went back out to the beach for one last open water swim before the race! This one went QUITE well! We both felt very comfortable in our wet suits, and I think John even had fun. :) Unfortunately, we couldn’t stay very long because you aren’t allowed to swim after sunset (ops!), so we got out after just 650 meters. Not long, but enough to know we’d be fine for race day.

Friday: I moved my long bike ride as well. Since biking is my weakest link, I can’t afford to miss many long rides. ALSO, a friend of mine who is a great biker was willing to ride with me, and I couldn’t pass that up! We had an awesome ride, and it really boosted my confidence going into this race! We rode for 56 miles and then I finished up with a short 2 mile run in the HOT sun!

Saturday: Rest day! All I did today was stretch. Looooooots of stretching! I’m a little tight from the ride yesterday, so I wanted to loosen up my muscles and rest them. I did T25 Stretch tonight to end my day of stretching. :)

Totals for the week:

Run: 30 miles (3 hours, 54 min, 30 sec)

Bike: 125.2 miles (7 hrs, 6 min)

Swim: 4,950 meters (2 hours, 5 min)

T25: 1 workout (25 min)

Total Training Time for the Week: 13 hours, 30 min, 30 sec

So that was my week! Wish us luck in our race tomorrow! I’ll let you all know how it goes!

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