Weekly Training Update: Reality Hit

Wow guys, this was a tough week! I feel like as a mother/athlete, reality hit me hard this week. I realized I can’t always do everything…some times baby girl needs me, and I have to skip a workout. Sometimes sleep doesn’t happen so I have to make the decision to rest instead of work out. But I’m realizing it’s ok to take it easy sometimes. My priority is my baby–then my health, then my training. Despite the rough week though, I did have a decent amount of training take place. Here’s what it looked like:

Sunday: Indoor bike time trial in which I PRed again! You can read about my race here!

Monday: I was supposed to swim, but the baby woke at 3:30am, and the pool didn’t open until 5am. I didn’t want to go back to bed for an hour and then get up again, so I just went back to bed. :) My body needed a rest day!

Tuesday: It was cold and snowy outside, but I was able to get in a quality run workout! I did 3×8 min tempos for a total of 7 miles!

Winter weather advisory? Let's go for a run!

Winter weather advisory? Let’s go for a run!

Wednesday: I got up and got a bike ride in before work. It was supposed to be a super hard workout with new watt maxes based on my huge improvement in the bike test, but I just couldn’t hit any of them, so I had a very modified workout! Then after my workout, I got a text from our babysitter saying her son was sick that morning! So, I had to last minute get permission from my boss to bring the baby in with me for the day. She did great, and everyone loved her! :)

"Wear your baby to work" day! She slept in the wrap 2.5 hours for her afternoon nap!!

“Wear your baby to work” day! She slept in the wrap 2.5 hours for her afternoon nap!!

Thursday: I braved the cold and slightly icy roads for another early morning run workout! This time I had 3×5 min in zone 4 on the schedule. With warm up and cool down, I ran 6 miles total. Then on my lunch break at work, I forced myself to get a lift in. I had absolutely no motivation, but I was glad I did it!

My "I really don't want to do this" face...

My “I really don’t want to do this” face…

Friday: Well, keeping the baby away from the sickness on Wednesday didn’t help, because my poor baby (and myself) woke up Friday morning with a fever! Poor baby was so miserable. :( I was up with her from 4:45am-7:00am holding her and comforting her because every time I put her down, she would cry. So obviously, no early morning workout for me. I did manage to get an hour bike ride in on my lunch break at work though!

Saturday: Thankfully the baby felt much better by Friday afternoon, but she still had a stuffy nose which made Friday night’s sleep minimal. I did however make it out for my long run Saturday morning though! I did 18 miles total at a very relaxed 8:15/mile pace. BUT, it was below zero wind chill, so that played into the slow pace. :) Also, I wasn’t trying to push it at all. I just wanted to get the miles in. I had a friend join me for the middle 10 miles, so that was super awesome to have someone to talk to! Then in the afternoon, the hubs and I went on our FIRST post-baby ALONE date! We saw Rodger’s & Hammerstein’s Cinderella broadway musical. It was SOOOOO GOOD! I loved it! And it was nice to be out with just  the hubs too! IMG_3239So that was my week! Different than I’d planned, but I’m still pleased with the results!

How was your week?

How do you deal with missed workouts due to family priorities?

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