Weekly Training Update: Recovery Week

This week was FINALLY my recovery week from training! However, it was probably the worst recovery week I’ve ever had. Since it was my first week off work, I had a lot of house and yard-work to do. Also, this week was quite atypical because I switched around several of my “workouts”. Though I always allow flexibility in my schedule, I usually don’t change it THIS much!

Notice all the adjustments and things crossed out!

Notice all the adjustments and things crossed out!

Even though I crossed a lot of things out, most of them were just moved to different days, so I still got all the work in. Here’s what I did each day:

Sunday: In the morning, I did T25 Alpha Ab Intervals and the T25 Stretch dvds. Then in the afternoon, I did my 3 hour bike ride (skipped the run because of my foot).

Monday:  Rest Day!

Tuesday: I did an easy 7 mile run in the morning (foot felt great!!) In the evening, I was really tired, so I moved the swim to Wednesday.

Wednesday: 1 hour easy bike ride, then swam later in the morning. I decided to do my typical Saturday swim this day, so it was 3 X 1000m (4,000m total)

Thursday: Another easy run-6 miles and felt good still! In the evening, John and I went to the Reservoir to do our first open water swim! It was SO. COLD!!!!! I’ll have to do a separate post for that one later this week :) Anyway, I stuck it out for 30 minutes in the frigid water.

Friday: My bike test. Those of you who follow me on Twitter already know I bombed this. For the first time ever, I actually quit before I was done. I just felt horrible and was doing horrible, so I stopped after 20 minutes…. I did some easy riding after I stopped so it was an hour total. I was pretty bummed the test went so badly, but I have some tips and ideas for how to improve in the future! In the afternoon, I was feeling pretty good, so I did T25 Dynamic Core.

Saturday: I was supposed to do my run test this day, but since I haven’t had many quality workouts since my marathon, we decided it wouldn’t be worth doing. So, I decided to do my Saturday long workout. It went so well!! I did 7 X 9 minutes at 6:43-6:50 pace! Totaled 12.15 miles. Oh, and I absolutely LOVE my new shoes! They definitely passed the test. In the afternoon, I had my swim test (moved from Thursday). I was hoping to improve in the swim, but I had a bad headache (think I have allergies!!), so I ended up a few seconds off my PR. I was bummed at first, but then I remembered-I’m not training to test well; I’m training to RACE well!

Totals for the week:

Running: 15.15 miles (3 hrs, 12 min)

Biking: 5 hrs

Swimming: 6,908 meters (2 hrs, 23 min)

T25: 3 workouts (1 hr, 15 min)

Halo Swim Bench: 10 min

Total Training Time: 12 hours

So that was my week-definitely not picture perfect, but not every week is. Sometimes its easy and sometimes things just don’t go as planned. :) Looking to start fresh next week and get some good training (and resting) in! How was your week? Any fun and exciting stories?


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