Weekly training update: recovery week

We had a great spring week here this past week! Here’s my training update from my recovery week! I didn’t do any running after the marathon, and I took a few easy days afterward, but then got in some good bike and swim workouts. I’m ready to get back into full training next week! Here’s how the week went.

Sunday: ORRRC Marathon. You can check out my recap of the race here. Total with my warmup that day, I did 28 miles in 3hrs, 30 min.

About when I started to hate my life...

About when I started to hate my life…

Monday: Rest!

Tuesday: Rest again!

Wednesday: 1 hour easy bike ride

Thursday: 25 minutes of yoga in the morning, then 3,000 meter swim workout in the evening.

Friday: 2 hour bike workout

Saturday: 1 hour hike with my husband, then 3,600 meter swim workout later in the afternoon.

some hepaticas we saw on our hike!

some hepaticas we saw on our hike!

Totals for the week:

Running: 28 miles (3 hrs, 30 min)

Biking: 3 hours

Swimming: 6,600 meters (2 hrs, 15 min)

Hiking: 3.1 miles (1 hr)

Yoga: 25 min

Total training time: 10 hrs, 10 min 

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