Weekly Training Update: Recovery?

Hey readers! So, I wrote out my whole post and set it to publish yesterday, and it’s missing..hmmmm sorry about that! So this was a CRAZY week! It was supposed to be a recovery week, but life was like “Recovery? What’s that?” Haha… This literally may have been the busiest week of my life. Here’s how it went.

Sunday I had my marathon of course, so that was a busy day. BUT, it was an awesome day! You can check out my recap of how I did here! Immediately after the race, I drove over to my friend’s house to hang out with her and an out of town friend for the afternoon, so I didn’t get home until like 4:30 that day!

Joy and agony all in one picture. :)

Monday I woke up pretty sore, so I decided not to do anything that day, not even bike. I guess that was my recovery day because work wasn’t too crazy that day either.

Tuesday, I was only a little sore, so I COULD have biked, but baby’s waking schedule didn’t allow for it. Typically I could have squeezed in a lunch workout, but the day was packed full interviewing a candidate for my current position that I’m leaving, AND prepping to leave town to interview for a new position myself!

Wednesday was more the same. Baby woke at a difficult time for me to workout, and then I spent the entire day at work interviewing freshmen students for entrance into our program!

Thursday the babe and I ventured off for my interview and then I spend ALL DAY Friday interviewing! I guess you could count hauling a baby through an airport on Thursday and then walking around a campus all day on Friday workouts. :)

Saturday morning, I was SO. EXHAUSTED, but I desperately wanted to try a run, so I did a 3.5 mile run on the treadmill before heading to the airport to fly back home!IMG_3419

Whew, so that was my whirlwind week! I’m hoping to get back into my regular routine both at work and with workouts this week!

How was your week? Did life prevent you from getting your training in?

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