Weekly training update: Rest week / Test week!

Here’s my training update for the week! I had a very well deserved, and needed rest week this week! It was so nice to not have the pressure of workouts every day. It was also my test week! Unfortunately though, I couldn’t do my planned 10K race for my run test because the track meet I was going to race in was canceled due to rain/sleet/snow/wind! It was a crazy day for weather, so I’m actually glad I didn’t have to race in it (or work in it!) Here’s how my week went.

Sunday: I did T25 Alpha Ab Intervals in the morning, then in the afternoon I did a 2 hr, 30 min bike ride immediately followed by a 15 min run.

Monday: I started my day off right with T25 Upper Focus AND Lower Focus!

Tuesday: In the morning I ran a very easy, relaxed 5.3 miles. Then in the evening I swam 1,600 meters just focusing on form drills. I also did 10 min on my halo swim bench.

Wednesday: I did my bike test in the morning! You can check out my recap on how it went. I was pretty happy with it overall, but looking forward to improving this next cycle!

Thursday: I ran 5.1 miles in the morning-in the daylight! Yes, I slept in a little bit longer than usual and got to run in daylight :) After work, I did my swim test! I was VERY happy with how that went! You can check out my update on it here.

Friday: I did an easy hour bike ride in the afternoon. I didn’t sleep in though-I had to get up early for a conference I attended and spoke at, so I biked after I finished that.

Saturday: I did NOT do my 10K race OR my run test. Since the weather was so horrible, I decided there was a reason the track meet was canceled, and I probably shouldn’t try and do the run test. Also, the forecast for today looked much more promising, so I’m planning on doing the run test this afternoon. So, I switched my long bike ride to yesterday. I did 2 hrs, 45 min and then did a 15 min run. In the evening, we went to the pool and I swam a long but easy 3,800 meter workout. It was super nice to have an unplanned day off from work too!!! Sometimes it’s nice when events get canceled :)

Totals for the week:

T25: 3 workouts (75 min)

Halo bench: 10 min

Swimming: 7,000 meters (2 hrs, 26 min)

Biking: 7 hrs, 15 min (this was so much because I switched my run test with my long bike, so that kind of changed my cycle)

Running: 14.5 miles (again, this is so short because I moved the run test to today :) )

Total training time: 13 hrs, 2 min

How did your week of training go? I hope it was a productive week and that the weather didn’t mess up your plans too much! Spring will eventually come!

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