Weekly Training Update: Routine Returns

Hey readers! How was your week of training? I actually had a great week! My usual morning routine finally returned! Baby still is waking 2-3 times a night, BUT she started waking for her last wake up between 4-5am, so that means my morning workouts are back! Yay! It made for a VERY tired mama, but amazingly, I got in all my workouts except for 1 strength workout this week!! Here’s what I did each day…

Sunday: Happy Easter! Our church had an earlier service so I didn’t have time for a bike ride in the morning. Instead, I did a 1hr, 15 min bike workout in the afternoon. Baby was awake, but she happily played the whole time I rode!

Monday: I had the day off work! Woohoo! Baby when baby went down for her morning nap, I headed to the pool and got in an awesome 1hr swim workout! I did 100, 200, 300, 400, 500, 400, 300, 200, 100 for a total of 3,600yds for the day!

Successful swim!

Successful swim!

Tuesday: 5am run! I was happy to get my run in nice and early again, but I was slightly sad to have to run in the dark again. BUT, I had a good workout despite the darkness! I did 7.5 miles total.

Wednesday: Early morning bike ride! I only got in 50 minutes before baby woke, but it was a great workout!

Thursday: 4:30am run workout. I was reallllly tired after a rough night with the baby, but I still hit my times for my speed intervals!

Friday: Another 5am bike ride! This time I got in a solid 1hr workout. The baby was still asleep when I finished, so I did some lifting. I actually did 45 minutes of lifting before she woke up! It was a good day!

Saturday: Last “long” run before my marathon next weekend! I did 12 miles at an “easy” pace, and was pleased to discover when I finished that I did it at 7:25 pace! My goal pace for my marathon is 7:15-7:25, so I just barely hit it! And, that included a sloooow first 1.3 miles with my dog. 😉IMG_3519[1]

So that was my week! It was a full one, but a good one!

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