Weekly Training Update: Running with dogs

Time for my weekly training update! I spent a lot of time this week running with my dogs! I’m trying to train them to run longer distances with me, so I’ve been working on building up their mileage. :)

Sunday: I went for a 10 mile run. I took each of the dogs for 3.5 miles. In the afternoon, I planned on a long bike ride, but I was really tired, so I only did 1 hour. :/

Monday: In the morning, I lifted at home by doing T25 Rip’T Circuit with my new dumbbells. In the evening, we headed to the pool and I swam 1,600m. Nothing amazing, and I didn’t even do any speed work, but I actually felt really good for the first time in a few months!

Tuesday: 6 mile run. I took each of the dogs for 3 miles with me. Durango actually did a short workout with me!

Wednesday: 2 hour bike workout in the morning. It was HARD, but I felt awesome and did the best I’ve done so far this year! In the evening, we headed to the pool and I swam 1,600m again. This time though, I decided to do 400m repeats and time myself. I was surprised to see that my old speed had returned!

Thursday: I took Durango out for my first 3 miles of my run, but he got scared about a half mile from the house–a dog was out in a yard, and it caught Durango by surprise. So, when he saw the dog, he darted hard to the right, which resulted in him taking out my legs! Before I knew what was going on, I was hitting the ground. I scraped up my knee and bruised my thumb pretty badly. I looked up and realized I’d let go of Durango’s leash. He was now even more scared because I’d fallen. I called for him, but he ran off! I struggled to get up and started hobbling after him. He still wasn’t coming back, so I started running. I ran all the way home and was very relieved to find him sitting by our front door waiting for me! Good news: he knew how to get home. Bad news: he did not stay to protect me! By the time I got home, I felt like I could keep running, so I actually brought Durango back out for a few more miles, then came back and got Mya. Total I did about 6 miles. When I got back, my knee was super swollen, and my thumb killed me. I couldn’t move it the rest of the day…IMG_1685 IMG_1684Ouch!…

Friday: Thankfully, my knee and thumb felt much better by morning, so I was able to do my 2 hour bike workout in the morning, AND I was able to lift in the afternoon! My thumb still hurt to put weight on it, so I couldn’t do push-ups, but other than that I could do all my normal lifts!

Saturday: I did a 10.5 mile long run in the morning, and I took Durango and Mya out for 4.5 miles each! Durango’s longest run yet! They both did very well, and I was glad that my knee didn’t bother me at all during the run! It felt a little sore afterwards, but that’s it!

How was your week of training?

If you run with your dog, has he/she ever tripped you while running?


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