Weekly Training Update: Off-Season

It’s time for my weekly training update! Since this is my first week back of training, and I’m now officially in the off-season, it was a pretty easy week. :) Here’s what I did.

Sunday: T25 Alpha Ab Intervals in the morning, then an hour run in the afternoon with my friend, Kim!

Monday: John and I started the T25 workouts again, so we did T25 Cardio in the evening. DSC04723

Tuesday: At the beginning of the week, I wanted to do bike/run bricks twice a week. I did that on Tuesday and quickly realized bike/run bricks weren’t sustainable as it gets more like fall weather. I tend to sweat a lot when I’m biking, so if I head straight into a run outside in the cold right after, I freeze :) I had a good 60 minute bike, and 45 minute run, but that was my last brick workout of the year. In the evening, John and I did T25 Speed 1.0.

Wednesday: All I did this day was T25 Total Body Workout. It was a killer! I forgot how hard that one was!!

Thursday: I did a 60 minute bike ride in the morning, then lifted with my friend for 30 minutes later in the day. We worked hard and I’m STILL sore!

Friday: I went for an easy 45 minute run in the morning and then called it a day training-wise.

Saturday: I had to work a CA-RAZY cross country meet all morning and part of the afternoon. By the time I got home, I was exhausted and decided to take the rest of the day off. Afterall, I can afford to do that now that I’m in the off-season. :)

So that’s how my week went! How was yours?

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