Weekly Training Update: Spring Break!

I was on my spring break from work this week! It was great to have a week off work to relax a little-especially given I got home super late Sunday night from my trip to Texas!  Here’s what my week of training looked like:

Sunday: Stuck in Texas still, so rather than bike on a miserable gym bike for my long ride, I decided to just do a 5 mile run on the treadmill, and then a quick lift with the freeweights they had in the hotel. IMG_1883Monday: Back home! I decided to do my “long” bike ride in the morning, but I was SO tired from the long trip/late night the night before, that all I could manage was 60 minutes on the bike. Oh well, better than nothing!

Tuesday: It was a pretty nice day out, so I decided to take the dogs out running with me TOGETHER! I got this leash that is two in one basically, so I only hold one handle but they’re both strapped together. It worked out pretty well and both dogs did great for the most part! We ran 5.25 miles together!

I call it the buffalo leash :)

I call it the buffalo leash :)

In the afternoon, I went to the pool and swam 1,600m. Then in the evening, I went to the pool AGAIN with John and swam another 800m!

Wednesday: I had a pretty decent 90 minute bike workout in the morning! I worked on keeping in zone 3 most of the time.

Thursday: It snowed Wednesday night (again!), so I couldn’t take the dogs running with me, but I went for 5.25 miles on my own on the cold, snowy streets!

Friday: I actually had to go in to work to help a friend cover basketball practices, so in the morning, I squeezed in an hour bike ride at zone 3 power, then while I was at work, I got in a 40 minute lift!

Saturday: I planned on a 16+ mile run, but when I got out there, I was NOT feelin it, and neither were my dogs. :/ so instead I just did an easy 10 miles and then spent some time stretching!

How was your week of training? Is it spring where you live yet?

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