Weekly Training Update: Taper Week 1

Time for my weekly training update! Being just now 2 weeks away from IM 70.3 Syracuse, I have just completed week 1 (of 3) of my taper. Week 1 doesn’t look a whole lot different than my build weeks except the workouts have been more compact. They are sliiiiightly shorter, but frequently back to back. So swim/bike brick or bike/run bricks are common. The next two weeks I’ll tone it down more and hopefully get some rest my legs so desperately need! The week started of with my first triathlon of the season! It went moderately well for me, though not as good as I would have liked. I placed 1st in my age group, but had a very slow time, which ended up plaguing my mind for the rest of the week. Seriously fought daily doubt this week about how fast I’m going to be able to do IM Syracuse! Hoping my legs and arms start to feel more fresh, and my confidence in open water improves in the next two weeks! Alright, enough of that…time for the lowdown on what happened during this week.

Sunday: Olympic Triathlon. (2:37) I did about a 10 minute swim warm-up prior to the race, and about a 10 minute walk/jog cool-down after I finished. image (26)

Monday: 2 T25 workouts! I planned on lifting at the gym, but I had to work all morning and part of the afternoon, so once I got home, I just wanted to stay there. I ended up doing Total Body AND Rip’T Circuit! I was so tired after! Later on, I did 10 minutes on my Halo Swim Bench.

Tuesday: In the morning, I did my usual Tuesday run workout totaling 8.5 miles. In the afternoon, I headed to Ceasar Creek to do my swim workout in open water. (Did I mention I had serious doubts this week?) I wanted to get some more exposure to the open water, AND practice swimming fast. It went ok…a storm was blowing in, so the water was choppy, but I did about 2,500 meters and called it a day right as it was starting to rain.

Wednesday: 1 hour, 15 minute bike workout. It was a hard one, but a short one. This was my easiest day of the week for training!

Thursday: Bike/Run brick. I did an easy 1 hour bike ride (17.6 miles), immediately followed by an easy 11 mile run. Later in the evening I did 10 minutes on my halo bench, and then headed to the pool for 40 minutes of drills. I worked a lot on swimming with my eyes closed, sighting, and the “alligator” drill (swimming with your eyes above the water).

Friday: Another Bike/Run brick. This time it was a shorter ride-20 minute warm-up, then 15 minutes at half-ironman pace immediately followed by a transition and into my run….which was a workout. I did 6X9 minutes at half-ironman pace (no warm-up because the bike was my warm-up), then an easy 9 minute cooldown. In the afternoon, I headed to the pool for my swim workout. (I debated long and hard about going to open water again, but decided I still needed at least one pool workout a week) I was glad I went, as I was able to practice the workout with my eyes closed while envisioning swimming in open water. I think it helped a lot. I ended up doing 4×500 meters in zone 3/4 (race pace), totaling 2,900 meters.

Saturday: John and I went to the beach in the morning for an easy recovery swim. We were in the water for about 30 minutes and swam 1,300 meters. We had a great time and felt very comfortable in the water. I spent much of the time practicing proper sighting and maintaining my stroke form-it’s harder to do in open water. :) In the afternoon, we went for a recovery bike ride for about 90 minutes. It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a relaxing ride together! 10442355_927795424784_2121193653399480921_n

Totals for the week:

Olympic Triathlon: 1,500 meter swim, 24.8 mile bike, 6.2 mile run (2 hours, 37 minutes)

Additional Running: 28.68 miles (3 hours, 56 minutes)

Additional Biking: 3 hours, 22 minutes

Additional Swimming: 8,400 meters (3 hours, 19 minutes)

T25: 2 workouts (50 minutes)

Swim Bench: 20 minutes

Total Training Time: 15 hours, 24 minutes

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