Weekly Training Update: Taper week 2

It’s time for my weekly training update! This was week 2 of my taper for 70.3 World Championships! It was a hard week for me. This was my first full week of teaching classes, and boy was it full! Also, even when you’re tapering for a half Ironman, you’re still working out at least 2 hours a day because you have 3 events to taper for! It keeps you from going insane from boredom I guess :) Anyway, it was a productive week, and I’m looking forward to an easy week (both at work and in training) next week! The race is exactly one week from today!!!!! Here’s what this week looked like:

Sunday: All I had to do this day was an easy 20-30 minute swim! I did a slow 1,200 meters in the pool before church, and then had the rest of the day free! I was glad for an easy day that I could just relax with the hubs! We had aspirations of being super productive, but we ended up taking a nap and then just chilling for the afternoon. :) We did end up going for a 3 mile walk later in the evening on one of our favorite trails near our house. :)

Perfect evening for a walk!

Perfect evening for a walk!

Monday: This was the hardest day for me this week! I had to do a bike/run brick workout, AND a swim! I got up at 5am and hopped on my bike! The workout was 6X10 minutes at race pace followed by a 30 minute run at race pace! It was a hard one, but it went really well! After work, we went to the pool for my swim workout. It was a fun workout, and I actually hit all my times for the first time since adjusting my swim form! Perhaps there is hope yet!

Tuesday: All I had to do this day was an easy 90 minute bike ride. It was so great! I actually ended up sleeping in that morning and doing the bike ride during my lunch break! In the evening, John and I decided to have a date together! We went out to dinner, stopped by Runner’s Plus to cash in my gift card that I won in the Snap Fitness 5k, then rented a movie. It was a nice relaxing evening. :)

I got 2 pair of these awesome socks with my gift card!

I got 2 pair of these awesome socks with my gift card!

Wednesday: Another relatively easy day. I just had a recovery swim, and recovery run on the books. I decided to head to the reservoir to do an open water swim, and then run right after. It was a gorgeous morning! The water was so smooth, and it was pretty cool out! The only downside was the geese had just been in the water, and goose poop was literally floating on the top of the water that I had to swim through!!!! GROSS!

See? Gorgeous day!

See? Gorgeous day!

Thursday: Today was another bike/run brick in the morning, with a race pace swim in the evening. The bike/run brick went great! I had just a short 35 minute bike, and then the run was 4X9 minutes at race pace! The swim in the evening was the hard part. I was supposed to do 40 minutes at race pace. I did 40 minutes, but instead of it being at half Ironman pace, it was more like a full Ironman pace :(

Friday: Another recovery bike ride! I love tapering :) I had to ride 2 hours, but at a very relaxed pace. It was nice and cool in the morning, and I loved every minute of it. :)

Saturday: Super easy day! All I had on the schedule was an optional swim and optional run. I opted NOT to do the swim. My neck has been sore since Thursday’s swim, so I went to the chiropractor on Friday, and decided not to stress it yet. I did do the optional run though. It was a nice, slow, easy run. :)

So that wraps up my week! Next week will be my final week of tapering, and then I race on SUNDAY!!!

Anyone else out there racing 70.3 World Championships?

Anyone training for a fall race? Do tell!! :)

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