Weekly Training Update: Taper Week 2

I’ve now completed my Taper Week 2 for Syracuse Ironman 70.3! One more week to go! I’m starting to get excited, but of course along with that comes a little bit of nervousness! Here’s how my taper went this week.

Sunday: I had an easy recovery day which was super nice! I got up before church and ran an easy 7 miles, then after church, John and I had the day to ourselves!

Monday: I had a pretty loaded training load this day. I started off with a bike/run brick. The bike was 6X10 minute intervals at race pace, then my run was 30 minutes at race pace! I was nervous about this one, but it was just challenging enough without being too taxing on my body! In the evening, John and I headed to the pool for a fun interval workout of a mix between race pace intervals, and recovery intervals. Total, I had a 3 hour training day.

Tuesday: Recovery day. I had an easy 1:30 bike ride and that was it!

Wednesday: Recovery again! I love tapering :) Since I had a low-key day, I invited my friend Kelly over for a run and swim. We did a 6.5 easy run and then headed to the beach for her first ever open water swim! I just did 30 minutes at a slow pace for about 1,350 meters. Later that day I also did about 10 minutes on my swim halo bench to work on my form.

My friend Kelly and I before her first open water swim!

My friend Kelly and I before her first open water swim!

Thursday: I had a triple brick on the books for this day. I decided to do the swim and bike portion with a friend of mine, and then do the run right after that. We swam for about 50 minutes. I was supposed to do it at race pace, but the visibility was difficult, the water was choppy, and for some reason I just couldn’t swim straight. It was a productive swim still though. Right after that, I had a short bike ride. We rode 20 minutes at ironman pace, and then 15 minutes at half-ironman pace. Then I transitioned into the run and did 4X9 minutes at race pace. It totaled 2 hours, 3 minutes. Not a bad day! Immediately after finishing the workout, cleaned up and headed to get a massage! I felt it was well deserved. :)

Friday: Ahhhhh recovery again :) I did T25 Dynamic Core in the morning (which nearly killed me!), then in the afternoon I did an easy 2 hour bike ride.

Saturday: We had friends stay with us Friday night, so Saturday morning, bright and early, we dragged them to the beach with us to swim! Actually, they are triathletes as well, AND brought their wet suits with them on their trip, so they wanted to swim with us. :) I just had an easy 30 minute swim and then we headed out to enjoy the rest of our morning. :) Later in the afternoon, John and I ventured out to a street fair and had some good ol’ fair food. When we got home, I decided to do my ‘optional’ recovery run. It was such a beautiful evening, I just couldn’t pass it up. I would have really enjoyed it had I not been still trying to digest my Lebanese steak sandwich I’d had an hour before! Uhhhh I was reminded why I don’t run in the evenings. :)

So, that was my week! It was a fun one since I got to do workouts with THREE different groups of friends!! That was a rare week for me, but I really enjoyed it and I’m going to try and workout with friends more often. :)

Totals for the week:

Running: 31.14 miles (4 hours)

Biking: 5 hours, 32 minutes

Swimming: 8,150 meters (2 hours, 51 minutes)

T25: 1 workout (25 minutes)

Swim Bench: 10 minutes

Total Training Time: 12 hours, 58 minutes

Wait, aren’t I tapering?? Don’t worry, next week will be easier! How did your week of training go?



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