Weekly Training Update: Taper!

I’m doing my weekly training update a day early this week because tomorrow, I’ll be racing! That’s right, I spent this week finishing out my taper for my big marathon tomorrow! We’ll see how it goes! I feel as prepared as I can on little sleep. :)

Here’s how my week of tapering went:

Sunday: 1hr easy ride. Baby woke up 30 minutes into it, so I put her in the pack ‘n play, and she happily entertained herself while I finished!

Girl's getting big!

Girl’s getting big!

Monday: I headed to the pool to swim, but it was out of order! :( So, I did a quick lift instead. Though I wasn’t happy about it!

Lifting was not what I had in mind...

Lifting was not what I had in mind…

Tuesday/Thursday: I did an easy 6 mile recovery run each day with a couple 20 second pick ups.

Wednesday/Friday: Just easy paced 1hr ride for both days.

Saturday: I took BOTH dogs out for a quick 5k shakeout run! It was a cold, snowy morning! I was so surprised when Mya acted like she wanted to join Durango and I, because she NEVER wants to run with me anymore! We had a good time. :)IMG_3565


So, tomorrow’s the big day! I’m going to go out at 7:15 pace hoping for a PR. I figure if I crash, oh well….at least I tried! Wish me luck!


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