Weekly Training Update: The line between “middle of the night, and early morning”

Hey everyone! We survived another week over here in athlete/mom/working woman world! I had a decent week of training, but it was kind of a cruel week. I found myself wonder what the line between “middle of the night, and early morning” was…. There were two days this week where I got up for the day at 3:30am. Now, pre-mom me would definitely consider that “middle of the night”, but now “mom me” somehow considers that morning enough to work out! Sad really… BUT, it gets my workouts in WHILE baby sleeps, which means I have more time to be with her when she’s awake. :) So, here’s how my week went.

Sunday: Not an early morning, but I did decide to get my 1:10 bike ride in before church after I put the baby down for her first nap (because she woke up “for the day” at 6am).

Monday: Baby woke at 2:30am and I DID decide that 2:30 was still considered middle of the night, so I went back to bed. :) I woke at 5:30am and realized I’d missed my opportunity to swim, so I got in a T25 Total Body workout before I had to get ready and get the baby up.Then on my lunch break at work, I got my lifting workout in.

Some much needed recoverite after my lunch lift!

Some much needed recoverite after my lunch lift!

Tuesday: I did realize this was my test week, so I did my usual 3x8min tempo run for a total of 7 miles in the morning.

Wednesday: Baby woke at 3:30am, so I fed her and then decided to get up for the day. I ate breakfast, did some things around the kitchen, and then headed to the gym to swim. I actually got there BEFORE they even opened! Sad….but I got in a solid 3,600yd workout and then got home, showered, and ready for the day before she woke up! Then on my lunch break at work, I did my usual 1hr bike ride for Wednesdays.

Rocked my high socks for the bike ride!

Rocked my high socks for the bike ride!

Thursday: Finally looked at my training schedule for the week and realized this week was test week for me, so I did the recovery run that was on my schedule. 5 miles total. I planned on lifting on my lunch break at work, but I made the excuse that since it was rest/test week, I better not lift. :)

Friday: Bike test!! I’d love to tell you how I did, but sadly, all my hard work was for “nothing” because my data didn’t record! Evidently my Garmin memory was full, so it stopped storing workouts! My wahoo app was on though, so my husband/coach is going to try and extrapolate that data and come up with my FTP for me. I worked hard though, so I have personal satisfaction at least. :) And I can just use my previous FTP for my workouts until the next test.

Saturday: Run test! Baby woke at 3:30 again….so I fed her and yet again decided it was “morning enough” to run. I ate, tried to wake up, did a warm up with Durango, then headed down to the park to do the test! I was feeling pretty tired, but I knew this was the only way I would get the test in without stressing about the baby needing me. So I did decent, but not as well as I’d hoped. It is HARD to run all out for 30 minutes in absolute darkness… So when I finished and saw my pace was 6:18 for the 30 minutes, I was content. It was the same exact pace as my last test, but that’s ok. I’m much more sleep deprived this month than I was last month! IMG_3360[1]I did a cool down and finished out the run with 12 miles total. Got home, stretched, put dishes away, had a snack, showered, and then the babe was up!

So that’s how I got my workouts in for the week!

Mom-athletes, do you have a “cut off” for when it’s too early to get up to workout?

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