Weekly Training Update: The saga continues

Welllllll, I think we have one of the worst moving stories in the history of moving. This week, we were supposed to get the rest of our items from our move (Yea…we had our stuff packed up May 31…). So, I was super happy when on Wednesday, the truck came with crates full of our stuff, but….the saga continues….it wasn’t all of our stuff! So, this week didn’t go as planned in terms of getting my house set up finally, and getting my workout room where it want it. Sadly, among many other sentimental things, ALL of my race medals, bibs, and several awards didn’t come… What’s worse is the Air Force doesn’t think the moving company is going to be able to find the rest of our stuff either. So, they said put together a list of what didn’t come, the cost, and they’ll reimburse us. How do you put a price on race medals? Yea….in my opinion, it’s the cost of the race entry fee, gas, and lodging…. ANYWAY, I could go on and on, but I do want to tell you about my workouts this week!

Sunday: I was able to get out of the house for a run without the stroller! It was a rough night of sleep for the baby though (we started “crying it out”), so I was exhausted. I managed 5 miles at a pretty pathetic pace (8:47….)

Monday: T25 Total Body during baby’s nap!

Tuesday: Stroller again! My last stroller run with my friend’s stroller–(yes, my running stroller DID come on Wednesday!). We got in 7.2 miles and she had a blast. Me? I could do without pushing that thing for a few weeks. :)

Wednesday: T25 again. I hoped by the end of the day that my workout room would be all put together, and I’d have my bikes all set up on my trainers. Well, all of my bikes came (except for one old one), but my fancy KickR trainer didn’t come!! :( I was upset about that, but I know that one is replaceable.

Here comes the truck!! Too bad they didn't have everything :(

Here comes the truck!! Too bad they didn’t have everything :(

Thursday: Wohooo, I got out of the house for a run without the stroller again! Baby slept decently well, and long enough for me to sneak in a WORKOUT! I did 4×8 min tempos on the paved path just behind our house! Pretty convenient! I got in 7 miles total. I was VERY pleased with my efforts. :) Then during both baby’s naps, I worked furiously on unpacking what things we did have come.

Early morning run, but beautiful!

Early morning run, but beautiful!

Friday: I had hoped to bike, but hubs was too busy to put my bike together until the evening, so I did T25 again and then during baby’s naps, I cleaned the house. That’s what I do when I’m frustrated….so my house is now clean!

Saturday: I was ITCHING to get a bike ride in, so instead of a run, I hopped on the trainer during baby’s nap instead of going for a run! I only got in 55 min before baby woke and I had to get her (hubs was gone picking our son up from camp), but it was still great to be back on a bike!!

At least my two most important bikes made it!

At least my two most important bikes made it!

In the afternoon, we took the family to the local lake, and I fit in a 1,500 yd open water swim while we were there! I didn’t have my wet suit, but the water was pretty warm! It was weird (and great!!) to FINALLY be back in the open water! That was my first OWS since Sept 2014!

Crazy to swim right beside a mountain!

Crazy to swim right beside a mountain!

This coming week, I hope to get two running speed workouts in and hopefullllly a longer run on the weekend! My sister and brother in-law are coming to visit us, so I’m excited to have running buddies (hopefully they want to get up early!!) Also this week, I have to contact ALL of the race directors from my past races to find out if they can re-make my race medals and for how much $$..yay… Wish me luck!


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