Weekly Training Update: Traveling!

Wow, what a week we had! I was on spring break from work, and so my husband and I went on a week-long house hunting trip! Yes, we will be moving our family out West this summer! So the week was a whirlwind that consisted mostly of going from house showing to house showing. But, I did get some workouts in as well thanks to our hotel fitness center!

So, here’s how our week went.

We flew out on Saturday, so Sunday morning I planned on getting a bike ride in, but the babe was NOT having me being out of her site for a second. Poor thing was jet lagged and very confused/scared in the hotel environment. So, I stayed with her and tried to get her happy most of the day. Finally in the afternoon, after several failed attempts to get her a good nap, I put her in her wrap and walked on the treadmill. For almost 2 hours!! Gotta do what you gotta do! And man, that girl is getting heavy…I was sore Monday morning after carrying her that long. IMG_3396

Monday: The hotel pool was teeny, so instead of getting a frustrating swim in, I opted to do my bike ride that I missed the day before. I did 1hr, 10min and then 20 min of lifting! The rest of the day was spent on the house-hunting trail!IMG_3398

Tuesday: Rough night of sleep for the babe (and thus me as well), but I knew we had a full day of house hunting ahead of us, so I stayed up after the babe woke at 3:30am and got in my run workout on the treadmill. 7.5 miles total with 3×8 min tempo intervals (6:30-6:40 mile pace). Felt good!

Wednesday: We didn’t have any showings lined up until the afternoon, but the hubs had to work all morning, so I went down to the fitness center early again and got in a 1hr, 10min bike ride again with some lifting after! I like having the ability to just lift real quickly after a workout! I need me some weights for home I guess!IMG_3399

Thursday: Another early morning treadmill run for me! I had 3x5min tempos at 6:28 pace on the schedule! I got through the whole run before baby woke, and then I finished up with some lifting! When I left the fitness center, the hotel concierge stopped me and said “have you by chance ever run in a marathon?” “yes….” I said. Then he said “good, because you are the best runner I’ve ever seen in here! Keep it up!” “uh..thanks” I said awkwardly! Haha, sadly all the other better runners were doing the sane thing and running OUTSIDE. But, when you’ve got a baby and you’re traveling, things are too unpredictable to risk running outside.IMG_3419

Friday: I was able to get in a 1hr bike ride before we left for the airport, and then we spent the rest of the day traveling home!

Saturday: So, on the plane, I drank some Hammer nutrition Endurolytes Fizz, and let me tell ya, that stuff is THE CURE for feeling “blah” the day after a long plane flight! I’ve never felt so good the day off and day after a flight as I did this time!! I got up at 3:30am with the babe and decided it was “now or never” as far as my long run went, so I headed out the door for my 20 mile run, and guess what? I felt great, AND I got the WHOLE thing in before the baby woke up again!! Literally as I walked in the front door after I finished, I heard her starting to wake up via the baby monitor. Made me feel like super woman/mom to get my whole run in while she was still sleeping!! Now, if only I could actually get a nap during the day with her because these 3:30am wake ups are making me a tad tired. J

Whew, so that was our week! All in all, a really successful one as far as traveling with a baby & getting workouts in goes!!

Tell me, how was YOUR week?

How do you fit workouts in when you’re traveling with kids?

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