Weekly Training Update: Vacation!

Wow, that was a quick week! It’s already time for my weekly training update! We had a great week of vacation, but as you may have noticed, we lost internet connection on Wednesday afternoon, so that’s why I took a “vacation” from my blog! I had a lot of fun doing my workouts with my family this week! Here’s what I did for fun AND training.

Sunday: Our first full day in New Hampshire! I woke up and did an easy 50 minute run that morning, then in the evening, Leah, Peter, John, and I went for a 90 minute bike ride!

Monday: I had my last really hard workout this day. It was 6X10 minute intervals on the bike, followed by a 30 minute run at race pace. In the afternoon, I did a 45 minute swim at race pace with Leah!

Tuesday: John, Leah, Peter, and I went to demo a bike at a local bike shop, and did an easy 1:30 minute ride in the morning. Then in the evening, we went for an easy 5 mile run with my brother and other brother in-law! image (49)Wednesday: We planned to go with the whole family to Maine for the day, so I got up early and did an easy swim before we left. Then, we spent the rest of the day in Maine eating Lobster, visiting the beach, watching salt water taffy be made, and checking out other sites! It was a fun day!IMG_1171[1]IMG_1190[1]Thursday: I had an awesome “triple” brick Thursday morning! I set up all of my stuff for biking and running as if it were a normal transition for a race. Then I did a 40 minute swim at race pace, followed by a quick transition, then a 35 minute bike ride, and then a 4X9 minute at race pace run! Things went quite smoothly! It was really my last chance to do a “mini race” before Muncie next Saturday!

My little transition area!

My little transition area!

Friday: Happy 4th of July! I had another recovery day on the schedule! It was pouring all day, but I still got in an easy run and bike ride. My brother in-law and I ran in the morning for about an hour, then when Leah came over, her and I set up our bikes on our trainers, and we rode inside for 1:30! We didn’t want to venture out in the rain for our bike ride…too dangerous. Leah was happy we were inside though because she got to have some “non-traditional” biking fuel! :) After our ride, we had our extended family over for a “cookout” (yes, in the rain!) for the rest of the day.

Yes, Leah is eating cake! Haha, perks of biking on a trainer!

Yes, Leah is eating cake! Haha, perks of biking on a trainer!

Saturday: We spent the whole day traveling back home to Ohio! Thankfully, all I had on my schedule was an optional swim-which I opted out of :)

So that was my week! Packed full of fun and adventure! Next week is my final week of tapering, then it’s Ironman 70.3 Muncie on Saturday! Wish me luck!

How did your week of training go?

Did you do any 4th of July festivities?

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