Weekly training update: visit to Indiana

Whew, what a crazy week and weekend we had last week! Sorry I haven’t had much time to update my blog! Work has been crazy, and last week we were preparing for our weekend with my in-laws! Here’s what my week looked like.

Monday: Rest day

Tuesday: I ran in the morning with my friend, Kelly. Then in the afternoon, my friend and I lifted. We keep increasing our weight, so I think I’m getting stronger!

Wednesday: I biked in the morning, then after work, John and I went to the pool and I did a quick 30 minute swim.

Thursday: I decided to bike in the morning, then squeezed in a very FAST lift. I only had 30 minutes, so I didn’t get much of a break between sets. It turned out to be a pretty good cardio workout too!

Friday: My in-laws came in EARLY Friday morning, so I didn’t get up early to run before work. Instead, I ran on my break at work. It was just a quick 5 miles, but better than nothing!

Saturday: We drove to Indiana to see John’s brother and watch a football game!

Sunday: I got up and ran a beautiful 8 miler around the campus! 10616014_829880537064417_2015190029934580645_n10670255_829880667064404_3090223228428357036_nThen in the afternoon, I went for a short jog with my brother in-law’s girlfriend. We had a great time and she showed me more around the campus!

So that’s how my week went! This week, I’m headed to see my sister this week because her baby is due in a few days!!! I’m so excited! :) How was your week?

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