Weekly Training Update: Visit to Minnesota!

It’s Monday! I’m feeling prretttty tired this morning after getting in last night from my visit to Minnesota! I had such a great time with all of my siblings, and I’m missing them already! *Sigh… back to reality. Here’s how my week went:

Monday: 3 mile run after work. It was an oddly very warm day, so I
went out running after dark! I was able to wear shorts and a t shirt
at 9pm at night!

Tuesday: 90 minute bike ride in the morning, then 50 minute lift with
my friend, Kim.

Wednesday: 1 hour bike ride before a very busy day at work! I skipped
my post-work swim because I had too much to do before leaving to the
airport early Thursday morning!

Thursday: Traveled to MN to visit my sister in the morning. In the
evening, we all did a 40 minute total body boot camp DVD. We all woke
up with sore arms the next morning!

Friday: 9.66 mile run with Leah. We intended on doing just a 6 mile
run, but we got lost and ended up almost doing 10 miles!

Saturday: 13.1 mile run with Leah, Lucky, and Jared. Jared gave us an
awesome running tour through the city on a beautiful day!IMG_1433[1]
Sunday: 7 mile morning run with Leah and Jared before church. Jared
took us around some pretty lakes and we got to see the sunrise while
we were running!image (4)                                        I flew home later in the afternoon and now I’m ready
to start another crazy week at work!

               How was your week of training? Did you get to run in any new places like I did?

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