Weekly Training Update: Week 1 of 70.3 World Championship Training

Time for my weekly training update! I’ve now completed week 1 of 70.3 World Championship training! It was a full and very challenging week, but I got through it! This was really my first week of HARD training since the last week of May since I’ve been racing/tapering/recovering ever since then! SO, my body is feeling tired after it’s first big week in two months. I made it through all my workouts though, and I’m feeling pretty confident about the next few weeks! Here’s how my week went…

Sunday: I got up early and did a quick T25 Alpha Ab Intervals workout before church. After church, I just did an easy recovery bike ride for 90 minutes. I originally wanted to do my first long ride this day, but my legs just weren’t feeling up to it.

Monday: I felt awesome this morning, so I went ahead and did my long bike ride! I did 3 hours of 25 minute intervals at race pace. My plan was to do the simulated 70.3 World Championship course on my trainer/computer, but apparently I struggle with technology because I couldn’t get it to work! John fixed it that night though, so I’m planning on doing it THIS afternoon!

Tuesday: My first hard run workout! I had 4X8 minutes at race pace in very HOT, HUMID weather, but it was awesome! I felt great and had no problems hitting my times! Later in the afternoon, I headed to the pool and did a 2,500 meter workout. My form was feeling pretty messy, so I spent longer doing drills, and I went slower on my workout portion to focus on my form.

Wednesday: I had an awesome ride outside with my friend, Alix! We did some fun hill repeats on this super steep hill! It was a blast. :) Also, I discovered that biking DOWN hill is almost as much of a workout as biking UP!

Thursday: This day I did hill repeats while running! (Yes, lots of hills this week–gotta get ready for Canada!!) I did 3X5 minutes running up hills while running at race pace or faster. It was a nice cool day, so I was able to push pretty hard and get an awesome burn in! In the afternoon, I started working on what turned into a HUGE project! I wanted to create a garden by our patio. That involved digging out all the grass in the area by shovel. I spent 3 hours shoveling out grass, and didn’t even finish! In the evening, John and I went to the pool. I was feeling a little better about my form, but still not quite there, so I did a lot of drills again and finished up with 500 repeats. 2,500 meters total.

Friday: I had a hard, but productive 2 hour bike workout on my trainer! Later in the afternoon, I finished digging out the grass for my garden, and planted all the plants! I personally think it turned out great. :)

What do you think?

What do you think?

Saturday: Whew, it was a verrrrry humid morning for my long run! The temps were only in the low 70s, but the humidity was crazy! I had a really tough workout planned too. It was a 10 minute warm-up, then 8 X 9 minutes at half Ironman race pace, with 1 minute rest in between, then 20 minutes at full Ironman pace, then a 10 minute cool down. I was able to hit all my times for every repeat, so I was very pleased about that! I was pretty dead by the time I got home though! image (53)It took several hours of laying on the couch to recover, but I finally got my energy back in the afternoon, and John and I went to the pool for my long swim workout. My form was feeling much smoother by this point, and I was able to do 4 X 500 meters at race pace, then a 20 minute swim at full Ironman pace. In the evening, we finished off the day right by having some friends over to play games.

As you can see, it was a pretty full week! I’m excited about the next few weeks though, and I’m even MORE excited about the race I’m training for!

How did your week of training go?

Totals for the week:

Running: 30.78 miles (4 hours, 1 minute, 30 seconds)

Biking: (8 hours, 22 minutes)

Swimming: 8,500 meters (2 hours, 54 minutes)

T25: 25 minutes

Halo Swim Bench: 15 minutes

Total Training Time: 15 hours, 57 minutes, 30 seconds

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