Weekly Training Update: Week 5

Time for my weekly training update! I’m now finished with week 5 of my training, and it’s going pretty well! You can check out my workout update here to see how my workouts have been going. Here’s what my week looked like.

Sunday: 2 hour bike ride in the afternoon before the Super Bowl!! :)

Monday: It snowed over night so I didn’t feel like driving to work early to lift, soooo I took the day off.

Tuesday: I took the dogs each for a run in the morning for a total of 6.5 miles. In the evening, I headed to the pool and enjoyed a lovely 2,200 yd swim with the pool all to myself!

Wednesday: I did a 2 hour bike ride in the morning, then on my lunch break, I got my lifting in.IMG_1751

Thursday: It snowed over night (again!), so the dogs refused to run with me :( I did 5.5 miles on my own in the slippery snow. Since Durango didn’t get any exercise, he was especially naughty this day! I caught him about to devour a magazine :)

Look at that innocent face :)

Look at that innocent face :)

Friday: 1:40 min bike workout in the morning, followed by a 50 minute lift in the afternoon.

Saturday: I did my long run INSIDE! Between the indoor track, and the treadmill, I got in 15 miles! Not bad! I felt great too! Thanks to my trusty Hammer gels! IMG_1756

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