Weekly Training Update: Week 6

Another week of training has come and gone! It was a relatively uneventful week as far as training goes. Here’s what it looked like…

Sunday: In the morning, I (attempted) to run 3 miles with Mya and Durango at the same time! That was mostly a disaster! They both wanted to go different directions and different paces! Haha, it’s crazy because by themselves, they are perfect angels!

The dogs, happy to be back home!

The dogs, happy to be back home!

In the afternoon, I had my 3rd indoor bike time trial, and I PRed! It was a great race for me, you can check out my recap here!

Monday: I did T25 Rip’T circuit at home. I was feeling pretty sore from my time trial.

Tuesday: In the morning, the dogs wouldn’t run with me because it was so cold and windy! I did about 6.5 miles on my own though.

Wednesday: I did an easy 1 hour bike ride in the morning. In the evening, I headed to the pool and swam 2,000 yds. IMG_1751

Thursday: I wasn’t feeling like running much in the morning, but I did 5.5 miles with the dogs (3 with Durango, 2.5 with Mya). In the evening, I made them some dog treats! They were made primarily out of liver and smelt HORRIBLE! But the dogs loved them!!IMG_1784

Friday: I did my first bike FTP (functional threshold power) test of the year! It went quite poorly. I felt horrible the whole time, and then to top it off, my bike computer didn’t record anything because the history was full! So sad… Oh well, my legs hadn’t recovered from my bike time trial 5 days earlier I guess…

Saturday: Valentine’s day! In the morning, I made some heart-shaped quiches for breakfast, and some heart-shaped protein peanut butter cups for a snack!





I also ran 16 miles outside in the frigid weather!! I had a great time though and had an average pace of 7:20 min miles with a negative split! I was pretty pleased with myself. Must have been my sweet outfit. :) IMG_1808

So that was my week! How was yours? Did you do any races this week?

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