Weekly Training Update: Week in Dallas

Hello from Dallas! Despite what you may be inclined to believe, Dallas is NOT warm and sunny! In fact, it’s cold, snowy, and icy. Which is why I’m STILL in Dallas! I spent the later half of this week in Dallas for a work conference, and was supposed to fly home last night. Flight was canceled. Supposed to fly out again this morning. Flight canceled. Don’t know when they’ll re-book us—we’ve been on hold almost 5 hours. Yup, loooooooooove Dallas. Anyway, I DO have internet, so I figured I’d give you my weekly training update!

Sunday: I had just a 2 hour “long” bike ride in the afternoon and then a 1,600m swim in the evening.

Monday: I didn’t feel like going in to the gym in the morning, so I stayed at home and did T25 Rip’T circuit before heading to work.

Tuesday: Cold morning, so I ran without the dogs again. I did 5 miles and I thought I was going to freeze to death! It was about -30 wind chill!!IMG_1835

Wednesday: I had an interesting bike ride because it was disturbed by Durango getting sick pa

rt-way through my ride…..I had to stop to clean it up, and by the time I finished, I didn’t have much time, so I only rode an hour. Oh well…

Thursday: It was slightly warmer finally, so I thought I’d take the dogs to run with me! Durango went first, and he went 3.25 miles with me, but HATED every minute! It was so windy, so he had to keep pointing his head away from the wind. Poor thing :( I tried to take Mya next, but she would NOT go beyond the driveway! (She’s slightly less tolerant of cold) :) I did almost 2 miles on my own to round it to an even 5 miles for the day. Pretty easy, but I was cold too. :) In the evening, I flew to Dallas for my conference.

Friday: I didn’t have any workshops until 3:30pm, so I had most of the day to work out! I knew Saturday would be full, so I decided to do Friday AND Saturdays workouts on Friday. :) Before breakfast, I got up and swam in the AMAZING pool! It was Olympic distance! I swam for an hour and LOVED it!

look how huge it is!!!!

look how huge it is!!!!

After breakfast, I headed back to the gym to run! I wanted to run outside, but it was snowing and super cold (didn’t bring warm enough running gear for Texas), so I hit up the treadmill/track for 13 miles! I had lunch, and then after that, I went BACK to the gym again for a spin workout! They had a whole room of spin bikes that was completely empty! I enjoyed a lovely 1:15 min workout by myself. :) IMG_1880

Saturday: I had my conference from 7am-5:30pm, so I didn’t do any workouts. Then we left for the airport at 6pm. On the drive there, we discovered our flight was canceled, booked another flight, and another hotel, and then checked in to the new hotel…

This plus rain/ice is why our flights were canceled yesterday and today.

This plus rain/ice is why our flights were canceled yesterday and today.

We are hoping to fly out Monday sometime, but we’ll see! In the meantime, this hotel’s amenities aren’t as nice as the last hotel…..I got in a quick 5 mile run and a light lift in little the fitness room. One cool fact though–this hotel literally opened on Friday!IMG_1882

Not much to work with, but I got some benefit out of it...

Not much to work with, but I got some benefit out of it…

So how was your week of training? Did you travel anywhere? Did you get stranded like I did? I hope not!

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