Weekly Training Update: When life happens

I feel like I’m always talking about how when life happens, workouts get thrown to the way-side. That kind of happened this week. I still got in the bulk of my workouts, but I missed my strength training sessions and my swimming this week. I prioritize my running and biking, and for some reason, even though I KNOW I need it, strength training is the first thing to drop when life happens.. I need to get better about that if I want to get faster in my run and stronger on my bike! The hubs was traveling this week, so it made getting my workouts in a tad more creative. :) Here’s what I did…

Sunday: 1:10 bike ride on the trainer. I did it fairly easy, but had a 20 min interval in zone 3.

Monday: Instead of swimming, I did my usual Tuesday run workout. I did 3×5 min in zone 4 and got in 7 miles total. I MAJORLY overestimated the temperature, and thus FROZE, so I ran super fast. :) I planned on doing strength training this day, but things were crazy at work and at home, so I didn’t get to.

Tuesday: I got up eaaaaarly and did a 1hr bike workout before the babe woke.

Wednesday: Run again for me-7 miles on the treadmill at work during my lunch break. 3x8min in zone 3. I felt pretty good, but not super energetic. I hoped to strength train in the morning before the baby woke, but she decided that 5:30am would be a nice time to wake up for the day…yea…she finally went back to sleep at 7am, just in time for me to get ready for work.

Thursday: Woah, baby slept 9hrs through the night!! She woke for her first feeding at 4:30am, so I biked 1:10 after that and finished just in time for her to wake up for the day! :)

Friday: Busy getting everything ready to be off work for a week for school’s spring break!

Saturday: I had a 2:45 run on tap, and you know what? I DID IT!!! I had my doubts, but decided to just see how much I could do. I felt awesome for the first 15 miles, then started to fatigue, but I’d come so far that I decided to gut it out to 20 miles. When I hit 20 miles, I had only been running 2:37, so I decided “what’s another 8 min??”, so I kept going and finished off with 21 miles total! I was super proud of myself! I enjoyed some lovely sights along the way too! We’d had a light dusting of snow this week, and it was still hanging around on the grass and trees. :)IMG_3386[1]

Great morning for a long run!

Great morning for a long run!

Saturday afternoon was crazy as well, but I’ll tell you more about that in next week’s recap! :)

How did YOU do this week?

What’s your first workout to get cut out when life happens?

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