Weekly Training Update: Winter has arrived

Time for my weekly training update! It seems like this week, winter has finally arrived! I mean, we’ve had plenty of cold and snowy days so far this winter, but this week was a week FILLED with winter! We got a 4-5 inch snow storm Sunday night-Monday, and then an ice/freezing rain storm on Wednesday night, and cold weather all week! It was rough getting the dogs out to run with me! Here’s how my training went though.

Sunday: My long bike ride wasn’t super long because I didn’t have much time in the afternoon, but I did fit in 90 minutes.

Monday: With the snow storm Sunday night, I didn’t want to drive to the gym early, so I did T25 Rip’T circuit at home before work. In the evening, I went to the pool to swim. I got in 2,200yds in FREEZING water! The pool had just been cleaned the two days prior, and they’d just re-filled it with water that day. Oh my, I’ve never swam in water that cold without a wet suit! During my swim, two guys actually came in, stuck their foot in the water, and then ran back into the locker room! I don’t know what the temperature was, but I never warmed up, and I was swimming as fast as I could! When I finally stopped, my legs were so cold, I don’t think I could’ve swam one more lap! I had to warm up in the sauna afterward!!

The frigid pool!

The frigid pool!

Tuesday: The snow was still on the ground, and our neighborhood wasn’t plowed, so I didn’t take the dogs with me for my run. I did 5.5 miles and then tried to get Durango to run a little with me–he lasted a half mile and that’s it. He absolutely hated running in the snow!

Wednesday: I had a great 2 hour bike workout! I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I told John that morning “I think it’s time for me to do a bike test!” That means it’s time to test myself to see how hard I can push for 30 minutes and see if it’s time to make my weekly workouts HARDER! In the evening, John and I headed to the pool and I swam 2,200 meters. I didn’t feel as fluid as I did last week, but it went pretty well overall. I think next week I’ll start workouts!

Thursday: I woke up in the morning planning on taking the dogs each for 3 miles of running with me. Then we went outside and it was pelting ice….I tried to get Durango to run with me, but he hated it so much, he twisted out of his collar after about 30 seconds and sprinted back home! Well, that dog definitely knows what he wants and how to get it! I left him at home and braved the ice by myself. It was good he didn’t end up going with me because it was SUPER slippery!

Friday: Another 2 hour bike workout. I was surprised how good I felt on this because I didn’t sleep well Thursday night! Definitely time for a bike test! On my lunch break at work, I lifted my usual routine. I was able to increase my weights a little too so that was encouraging!image (2)

Saturday: I finally got the dogs out for a run! It was chilly–only 18 degrees, but it was gloriously sunny AND no snow or ice on the roads! I took Durango out first and was able to convince him to do 6 miles with me! He did a great job, though was definitely tired the last mile. Then I took Mya out thinking we’d do 4 miles and I’d stop at 10. However, she really seemed to be enjoying it and was keeping around a 7:10 pace, so I figured we’d go 2 more for an even 12 total. She did so great! I think she could’ve done 8 with me and have been fine. I love having running dogs!

So it ended up being a pretty good week of training! I only had to skimp out on my long bike ride, but other than that I got all my workouts in!

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