Weekly Training Update: WINTER

Ok, time for my weekly training update. I have one word for this week: WINTER!!!!! Oh my, we had quite a week of weather here, which made for quite a week of training! Here’s what happened this week…

Sunday: I was tired from my long run the day before, so I didn’t take the dogs for a run before church. Looking back, I wished I had because it was the only day that would’ve been run-able for the dogs! Oh well… I did a 2 hr bike ride in the afternoon at my zone 2 easy pace.

Monday: John had the day off work, but I didn’t :( I headed to the gym before going to work and got in 3,000yds of swimming! Then on my lunch break I did my lift. I was feeling kind of sluggish, but I got through it and even increased my dead-lift weight!

Tuesday: -4 degrees real temp in the morning…… Too cold for the dogs to last longer than 5 minutes outside, so I ran on my own and did just 5 miles. John had ordered a running pack for Durango, and it came, so I tried it on him! Dreaming of warm weather trail runs! He’ll carry his water/food, and MY water/fuel (and Mya’s if I can run with them both by then)!

Doesn't he look great? :)

Doesn’t he look great? :)

Wednesday: Snow day! I did a good 2.5 hr bike ride in the morning, and then 2,400 yd swim in the evening!


Notice Durango eating my arm :)

Thursday: -6 degrees outside! Again, too cold for the dogs, so I went out on my own again. I think the windchill was -25 that day…… I got a little frosty on my 5 mile run!!

Friday: I was SO tired in the morning, so my bike ride wasn’t much to speak of—-just 1:10 with short sprint intervals. I still lifted in the afternoon, but I cut out some usual lifts, and added a couple new ones.

Saturday: SNOW day! We got about 3 inches over-night, and it was still snowing hard, so I tried to head out for my run early. I got in 10 miles in my yaktracks! It was SLOW going because of the deep, heavy snow, but it was gorgeous out!! When I got back, we made a snowman family in the yard! The dogs were very helpful :)

Yes, Durango is wearing his pink sweater :)

Yes, Durango is wearing his pink sweater :)

So how was your week of training? Did you have bad weather like we did? Did you make the most of it and still get some good training done? I hope so! Tell me about how YOU train in the winter!

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