Weekly Training Update: Yet another new normal

This week was THE HARDEST week postpartum I’ve had yet!! I feel like I have to adjust to yet another new normal… This week, baby girl hit the “four month sleep regression”. It hit us hard because she’s been sleeping between 7-9 hr stretches and going to bed at 7:30pm and waking up between 7-7:30am every day like clockwork! Not anymore….the only constant is her bed time. Though if it were up to her, she’d go to bed at 6:30 cuz she’s tired from getting up at 5:30/6 in the morning! Not only that, but she’s been waking 1-2 times more per night! Now I know, I shouldn’t complain because she’s still sleeping 3-4hr stretches, but man…..it’s rough! I feel like I’m not sleeping at all, yet somehow, I’ve been getting *most of my workouts in! Hubs has been very helpful this week entertaining her in the early mornings while I finish up my workout! So, this is how I survived my week of training:

Sunday: Gosh, I can barely remember that far back! I do remember that Saturday night was the last night Zoe slept “through the night”, so when she woke for the first time at 4:30am, I fed her and then decided to get my bike ride in before church! I only did 1hr, 10min, then showered and got everything ready before she woke! It was such a peaceful morning……literally the calm before the “storm” of a week we had after.

Monday: Amazingly, I got in a 40 min swim at the pool before Zoe got up for the day. I did 100yd repeats for 2,400yds total. No lifting on my lunch break though because I had a few extra meetings. :/

Tuesday: I squeezed in a 7 mile run after the baby got up while hubs was playing with her. I did 3×8 min tempos and amazingly had a faster pace than last week’s tempos!

Wednesday: 1hr, 10 minute bike ride. Baby woke up again, so hubs played with her while I biked.

Thursday: You guessed it, baby woke while I was running….this time it was right after I left, so I came back to feed her, then hubs was awesome and played with her yet again while I did my 3×5 minute hard tempos. Again, amazingly they were faster than last week’s!

Friday: I did an hour bike ride and the baby didn’t wake until I only had 5 minutes left! Quasi successful. :)

Saturday: Ohhhhhhh, Saturday…. Friday night was a nightmare. Or it would have been if I’d been asleep for a long enough time to actually dream! Baby woke at 9pm, 2am and didn’t fall asleep till 3am, then again at 5:30am and didn’t fall back asleep till 6:45am. Then, guess what I did? I ran……I had 2hrs, 45 min on the schedule. I had some serious doubts and was SUUUUUPER tired, but somehow I made it out the door. It was beautiful out, so that, combined with Durango begging me to take him, got me there. :) IMG_3255I got in 11 miles before baby woke and hubs needed me to feed her. So I made a brief pit stop to feed the babe, then forced myself back out the door! I actually felt a little better for the second go-around, so I was able to finish! I did 20.09 miles total in 2:45! Nothing amazing, but I was super encouraged to have done the whole thing!

It's been a LONG time since I've run 20 miles!

It’s been a LONG time since I’ve run 20 miles!

Then, when I got home, I grabbed myself a big piece of baked oatmeal I’d made the night before, and settled in to devour it, but…..yup, baby woke up :) So I set it down to tend to her, and when I came back, Mya had stolen it for herself!! SAD TIMES!

Breakfast thief!

Breakfast thief!

So, that was my disaster of a week! No lifting, but I got all my other workouts in!

Tell me, how was your week?

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